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Absorption Tower  [VTC/GL/856]
Glass Absorption Towers Riffled Nozzle Height x Diameter 250 x 50 mm Ground Neck/inlet With ground neck 34/35, ground inlet 14/23, dimensions shown are height x diameter. Without stopcock and tubing adapter. Dim., mm 250 x 50 300 x 50
Bell Jars  [VTC/GL/857]
Moulded glass with ground flange at base. VTC/GL/857A Knob Top Bell Jars Dimensions given are height to shoulder X inside flange diameter. Dimensions mm 200 X 150 200 X 180 300 X 200 VTC/GL/857B Socket Top Bell Jars With 29/32 socket top but without stopper Or stopcock. Dimensions given are height To shoulder x inside flange diameter. Dimensions mm 200 X 150 200 X 180 300 X 200 VTC/GL/857C Hand Operated Vacuum Bell Jar Fitted on Plastic base 21mm diameter x 42mm high A plastic bell jar 190mm diameter x 260mm high , with integral hand pump , vacuum gauge and release valve , fits to the base by a rubber sealing ring. VE/GLA/00072D Bell Jar Guard Polythene coated steel with straight sides. Internal Dimensions 310mm x 410mm ,diameter x height. Hole diameter 60mm.
Filter Pump  [VTC/GL/858]
Open construction, borosilicate glass with riffled inlet nozzle. Glass valve in vacuum nozzle prevents 'sucking back'. Internal jets constructed to prevent flooding and the outlet tube is bent to avoid turbulence and give rapid exhaustion. Ultimate Vacuum 85 mm Hg Overall Length 215 mm Inlet tube diameter 11 mm Outlet tube diameter 9 mm Vacuum Nozzle 9 mm
Gas Jar with Ground Glass Flat Flange  [VTC/GL/859]
Cat No. Height mm. OD mm
VTC/GL/859 150 50
VTC/GL/860 200 50
VTC/GL/861 200 75
VTC/GL/862 300 75
Kipp's Apparatus  [VTC/GL/863]
Cat No. Capacity ml
VTC/GL/863 250
VTC/GL/864 500
VTC/GL/865 1000
Viscometer  [VTC/GL/866]
Falling Sphere,Standard Joint Fitting, Made of Borosilicate Glass
Water Level  [VTC/GL/867]
Made of borosilicate glass.Has four tubes for different shapes.The water contained in different shapes of tube
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