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Adjustable Slit  [108.53 PH]

Circular blacked metal screen, 75 mm diameter with 12.5 mm central aperture. A screw controlled, spring loaded precision slit is mounted on one side of the disc, the adjustment drive being arranged so that the slit can not be over tightened. The slit has levelled jaws with brass, dovetail section slides, & provides a maximum slit opening of 4 mm approx. with a useful length of 10 to 12 mm.

Diameter brass rod : 6 mm
Optical centre height : 80 mm approx.
Micrometer Slit  [108.54 PH]
The micrometer slit is as above but has a heavier screw thread, 0.5 mm pitch x 6 mm diameter, carrying a drum which is divided into 50 divisions giving a reading of 0.01 mm. An index is provided with a 5 mm scale divided in 0.5 mm divisions.
Candle Holder  [108.55 PH]

A cylindrical 20 mm internal diameter x 22 mm deep painted matt black is mounted coaxially upon a polished brass .

Rod Diameter : 35 x 6 mm
Ground Glass Screen  [108.56 PH]

In metal frame 100 x 75 mm with a central aperture 63 mm diameter. Mounted on a 6 mm brass rod giving an optical centre height of 80 mm approx.

Overall height : 130 mm
Lamp, 240 V  [108.57 PH]
A 240 V 15W white B.C. Pygmy lamp in a conical lamp house 70 mm long x 65 mm diameter. Mounted on a 6 mm brass rod giving an optical centre height of 80 mm approx. Supplied complete with 1.5 mm of twin flex.
Stand for Lens Holder  [108.58 PH]
Consisting of metal pillar with clamping screw, supported on a black base 100 x 50 mm with an engraved index line at one end to accept rods of 6 mm diameter as used on standard optical bench fittings.
Universal Lens Holder, Metallic  [108.59 PH]
For lenses from 25 mm to 63 mm diameter, mounted on stem 6 mm diameter.
Universal Lens Holder, Spring Type  [108.60 PH]
Mounted on stem 9 mm diameter to accommodate lenses & mirrors upto 75 mm diameter.
Photometer, Grease Spot (Bunsen)  [108.61 PH]
Grease spot disc held between two wooden screens with 45 mm dia aperture, mounted with 2 inclined plane mirrors approx. 90 mm square.
Photometer, Grease Spot  [108.62 PH]
A waxed paper screen with a wax free centre spot 16 mm wide mounted in a black metal frame 100 x 75 mm with central aperture of 51 mm. The frame is mounted on a 6 mm rod giving an optical centre height of 80 mm.
Newton's Ring Apparatus  [108.65 PH]
Consists of a plano convex lens, 63 mm dia & 2000 mm focal length, on a flat glass plate of equal diameter. Both enclosed in a metal ring frame with compression adjusting screws equispaced to ensure correct contact between the two elements.
Newton's Ring Apparatus  [108.66 PH]
For measurement of wavelength of light by the reflected system. Comprising a frame 60 x 58 x 50 mm with a glass plate 56 x 47 x 3 mm mounted at an angle of 45 to reflect the light downwards on to a plano convex, 32 mm diameter x 1 m focus, which rests on a plane glass plate 38 x 38 x 3 mm on the base of the box. Complete with lens.
Newton's Ring Microscope  [108.67 PH]
This instrument is a compact instrument with full arrangements for conducting Newton's Ring Apparatus. A standard microscope with 30x magnification is provided with a rotatable cross line & the eye piece can be focused on individual requirements. The microscope tube unit can be raised or lowered & clamped at any desired position. The focusing of microscope is through rack & pinion. The longitudinal movement of the microscope saddle for the purpose of measurement of rings is done by rotating the drum provided. The 26 mm movement can be read by the scale & divided drum to 0.001 cm. This set consists of one optical flat glass & one plano convex lens (100 mm radius) arranged inside a metal case resting over the stage of the equipment which is adjustable for the alignment of the measuring line. The condenser lens is provided in front of the reflector. In case the ring set is removed from the stage, the instrument can be used as a simple compact measuring microscope. Supplied in box.
Diffraction Gratings  [108.68 PH]
Photographic replica gratings mounted on a plate glass & suitable for visual. Grading size 25 x 25 mm, on glass plate 50 x 38 mm. The grating are of :







Size (lines/mm)






Newton's Disc  [108.69 PH]

Comprising a multicoloured disc 180 mm diameter mounted on a metal stand & driven by hand wheel.

Dimensions of base : 100 x 65 mm.
Hand Spectroscope  [108.71 PH]
Direct vision spectroscope with a fixed slit. This is useful in qualitative work, with both emission & absorption spectra where a wavelength scale is not required; with adjustable slit.
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