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Optical Bench 1 Meter, Wooden  [108.44 PH]
Comprising a wooden base board 1100mm x 115 mm with one meter scale divided in mm & figured at every cm fixed along the front edge & complete with following accessories : Two white faced object & receiving screen, one plane mirror 150 x 100 mm, 4 lens holder V shaped, one needle mounted vertically in a short wooden rod in the centre of a wooden base. The optical centre height of all the components is 100 mm above the base board.
Optical Bench 1.5 Meters  [108.45 PH]

Comprising a wooden base board 1600mm x 140 mm with a 1.5 meter scale divided in mm plus six sliding moulded metallic bases 100 x 50 mm each with engraved line, brass pillar with screw for locking.; All the accessories mounted on a 6mm brass rod which fits in a stand giving an optical height of approx. 125 mm above the base board.

Accessories : one 240V white lamp with lamp house
  1 metal object white screen 75mm diameter with gauze
  1 metal object white receiving screen 100 x 75 mm
  1 needle mounted in rod 6 mm
  1 plane mirror 100 x 75 mm.
Optical Bench 1 Meter  [108.46 PH]
One meter long, for advanced research work; consists of two rods, one stainless steel & one chrome plated steel. The stainless rod is divided in mm. These are supported on heavy cast iron feet with levelling screws. Four specially designed metal sliders having a fine index mark enables reading to be taken on scale with ease & accuracy. The sliders are machined metal so they slide accurately & smoothly on the bed. Two of the sliders have transverse slow motion adjustment. Complete with 6 accessories ( 2 lens holders, 2 optical pins, 1 candle holder, & 1 screen ground glass).
Optical Bench, 1.5 Meters  [108.47 PH]
Same as 108.46 but 1.5 meters long.
Prism Table  [108.48 PH]

A brass disc 75 mm diameter mounted on a 62 mm rod giving an overall height of 62 mm.

Cross Wires  [108.49 PH]
A circular blacked metal screen 75 mm dia with a 10 mm diameter aperture & cross wire of 26 swg wire. Mounted on a 6 mm brass rod giving a centre height of 80 mm approx.
Object Needle , Mounted  [108.50 PH]
A pointed needle, mounted on a 6 mm brass rod, giving an overall height of 80 mm approx.
Object Screen  [108.51 PH]
A circular metal screen 75 mm diameter with 10 mm central aperture covered with 1.5 mm mesh wire gauze. Mounted on a 6 mm brass rod thus giving an optical centre height of 80 mm approx.
Iris Diaphragm  [108.52 PH]
A metal screen 75 mm diameter, with an adjustable iris diaphragm mounted in the centre, giving a maximum aperture of 6 mm. The disc is mounted on a 6 mm brass rod & the optical centre height is 80 mm approx.
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