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Optical Disc, Magnetic  [108.32 PH]
500 mm diameter, steel disc is faced with matt white, marked every 5, with extended lines every 10 & 30; cross lines mark the centre. The disc is mounted on a 25 mm diameter steel tube 390 mm long which fits into a stable base with levelling feet. The disc rotates about its centre & can be locked in any desired position. The lamp house holds a 12V, 24W axial filament lamp. This lamp house is covered by a rotatable outer shield that has various slots. By rotating the shield, light beams of varying width as well as narrow single, double & triple beams can be provided. Attached to the lamp house is an adjustable lens carrier with lens to provide diverging, parallel or converging light beams. The lamp house is mounted on a rotatable arm that can be locked in any position. A sliding weight on the arm acts as a counterpoise. All optical elements are supplied with magnets attached so that they can be attached at any place on the disc. The disc is supplied complete with accessories.
Ray Optics Box  [108.34 PH]
Black finish metal box, with 12V 24W straight filament lamp. The lamp holder, with 1m of twin flex, is mounted in sliding metal bridge piece which provides sufficient adjustment to covering, parallel or diverging rays. The enamelled steel body has slots to support a cylindrical lens & a triple slit screen. Extra slots are provided for filters. Dimensions 182 x 61 x 115 mm. The box is supplied complete with lamp & triple slit but without lenses or filters.
Ray Optics Kit  [108.35 PH]
Kit consists of two lamp holders, each in metal shade with two axial slots & mounted on metal support rod. Holder complete with approx. 1.2m 2 wire P.V.C. covered cable & 12V 24W axial filament lamp. One each right & left hand cylindrical lamp shields, in matt black 'combs'; with 17 equi spaced parallel slots, Two black plastic plates, each with single & triple slits, two comb & plate holders, a spring loaded clip mounted on metal support bracket, 4 metal light barriers, 4 each plano convex cylindrical lenses, 50 x 50 mm, +7D, two each cylindrical lenses 50 x 50 mm respectively, plano convex +10D, +17D, plano concave -17D.
Ray Track Apparatus  [108.37 PH]
A compact visual teaching aid which is robust in construction wood board 400 x 280 x 13 mm with matt white surface, mounted on rubber feet carries a circular scale with four quadrants 0 - 90 graduated every 2, with two lines at right angles. The ray box is provided with slots to accommodate metal slits, colour filters, lenses etc., & is fitted with a 12V 24W line filament.
Pin Hole Camera  [108.38 PH]

Two rectangular, open ended, light proof wood boxes. One slides into the other & contains a frosted translucent glass plate upon which image is formed. The other box has a pin hole opening at the closed end. Also available as a kit.

Dimensions : 150 x 100 x 100 mm approx
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