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Electromagnet  [104.36 PH]
Comprising soft iron U shape core of circular section fitted with bobbins that are wound with copper wire . The limbs of the core are 100 mm long & 16 mm in diameter. The bobbins are connected together in such a way that the direction of the winding round of each pole is obvious.
Worcester Electromagnetic Kit  [104.37 PH]
Comprises 8 anisotropic alloy magnets, 8 anisotropic ceramic ferrite magnets, 4 steel magnet yokes, 6 plotting compasses, 4 hardboard formers for compasses, 1 bottle iron filings, 4 iron filing dispensers, 4 each double C - cores, clips for the same, aluminium rings & split aluminium rings, 4 each support bases, armatures with axle tubes, aluminium axle rods, 8 split pins, 16 rivets, 1 length latex rubber tubing, 4 each formers for coils, reels of cellulose tape & copper wire, 4 each sheets of white pasteboard, plain postcards, reels of white cotton 4 each carbon resistors 100 ohms to 10 ohms, 10 flashlamp bulbs, 5 neon bulbs, 8 MES bulbholders, wood clamp & wood block.
Orested's Apparatus  [104.38 PH]

To show the action of electric current on a magnet. Magnetic needle 75 mm long with brass bearing supported by pivot mounted on a plastic base & surrounded by a rectangular copper rod fitted with terminals.

Dimensions : 80 x 40 mm.
Simple Galvanoscope  [104.39 PH]

Comprises wooden former with terminals & engraved metal circle marked 0 - 180 - 0, divided & figured every 45, with magnetic pivot, wound with 30 turns enamelled copper wire & complete with 75 mm magnetic needle with brass bearing.

Maximum Opening Voltage : 4.5 V.
Worcester Current Balance Kit  [104.40 PH]
Each correct balance consists, when assembled, of a coil which, when conducting, acts on a small magnet attached to the end of a drinking straw pointer with a needle pivot on an aluminium channel support. The indication is made on a vertical wood strip positioned by a wood block & an elastic band, & zeroing is effected using wire riders. Kit comprises 50 drinking straws, supply of elastic bands, 8 alcomax magnets, 55 gm reel of tinned copper wire 0.45 mm diameter, 4 wood bases carrying coil, channel & terminals, 4 mm reel of 16 mm self adhesive cellulose tape, 1 pick 20 needles, 4 wood blocks, 10 wood strips. Complete with instructions.
Tangent Galvanometer  [104.41 PH]
A bakelite ring or bobbin is of 165 mm diameter with 3 windings of 2, 50, & 500 turns. The magnetometer is supported on a brass tube fitted on an ebonite plate which is free to revolve in the base of the instrument. The magnetometer & the ring can both be rotated independently of the base which is with levelling screws. The compass box consists of a bakelite base with metal dial of diameter 100 mm graduated in degrees & with anti parallax mirror. Cobalt steel magnet & aluminium pointer are mounted on special synthetic sapphire. The needle moves on special pivot. This combination makes the needle virtually frictionless.
Induced Current Apparatus  [104.42 PH]

Also called Demonstration Induction Coils consists of two coils wound on separate bobbins, one having many turns of fine wire & the other with few turns of heavy wire. It demonstrates that induced potentials are produced either by movement of a permanent or electromagnet or by a change of current in one coil, fitted with insulated 4 mm socket terminals & supplied with a soft iron core.

Outer coil Length : 12.5 cm
Diameter : 5 cm
Induction Coil  [104.43 PH]
The primaries are wound with thicker copper enamelled covered wire on letherite pipe in two layers. The secondary coils are divided into two parts & are given heavy insulation. Each layer is wound in a cover of butter paper & are completing the winding, the entire is dipped into hot wax to seal each layer against moisture effect. The coils are housed in a teakwood base, voltage tested condensers are fitted inside the wooden polished base. Handles to get the spark are fitted on it & make or break points are of silver. One point is adjustable to get any cycle. On/off reversing switch commutator working on 6 to 12 V DC. Spark in air :








10 mm

25 mm

50 mm

75 mm


Dissectible Induction Coil  [104.44 PH]

Most suitable for demonstration. Secondary coil & capacitor can be easily separated out. With arrangements for disconnecting & capacitor, while in operation. All connections clearly visible.

Spark length : 25 mm.
Demountable Transformer  [104.45 PH]
Comprises U & I cores of low loss magnetic material, to form a closed core of cross section 25 mm in plane of laminations, 32 mm perpendicular to them is an I - core of length 102 mm. U core external height 102mm. Internal height to take bobbin length 77 mm. Pair of pole pieces, each 65x30x25 mm with on end shaped to part of a cone for maximum flux density. Hole drilled through total length along cone axis to take a light beam. Pole pieces will accept supertrods & shading ring (provided with accessories) & may be clamped on any separation on U core, or in contact as a non laminated I - core. Cast aluminium alloy stand consisting of a heavy base on four rubber feet with removable clamping arms. Maximum dimensions of base 190x200x115 mm. Channel 35 mm wide & 3 mm deep to take transformer core, extends across full width. Integral support for arms, to rear, is below the level of the pole pieces. Arms pivot on steel spindle with adjustment of knobs to rear bringing hard rubber pads at front end of arms to bear on transformer core. Synthetic hammer finish except of clean metal in channel & 4 mm hole to take on earthing plug lead. Complete with all the accessories.
Barlow Wheel  [104.46 PH]
A star shaped copper disc 90 mm dia rotatable vertically on pair of adjustable centres & dipping into small mercury trough between the vertical limbs of a small horse shoe magnet on a wooden base 150 x 100 mm. The disc adjustable vertically on a metal pillar 75 mm high which is connected to one of the two terminals mounted on the base. The other terminal is connected to the mercury trough. Operates on 4 Volts.
Electric Motor Kit  [104.47 PH]
It is based on the parts of the Westminster Electromagnetic Kit (code 104.40) comprises 6 wood support base 100 x 45 x 10 mm, 6 wood armatures, 6 aluminium shafts, 6 mild steel yokes, 12 magnets, 24 split pins, 125 rivets, 1 reel plastic covered copper wire, rubber tubing.
Magnetic Field Table  [104.48 PH]

A wooden table supports an aluminium ring wound with three coils of 18 SWG enamelled copper wire of 5, 10 & 20 turns respectively, connected to bakelite 4 mm socket terminals at one edge of the board. The table is 400 x 275 x 90 mm .

Overall height of the apparatus : 170 mm.
Helical Coil  [104.49 PH]
For projection of magnetic field characteristics of a helical coil. Coil of 10 turns on a plexiglass with two 4 mm connecting sockets, working current 5 amps. approx.
Circular Coil  [104.50 PH]
For projection of magnetic field characteristics of a circular coil. Coil of 15 cm diameter on a plexiglass panel with two 4 mm connecting sockets.
Earth Conductor  [104.51 PH]
All non magnetic metal, auto spring release through 180. The aluminium ring with brass collars & wire wound is fitted in an aluminium frame & is controlled by the spring. The sudden deflection can be had by pressing a knob through 180. Duco finish, 500 turns.
Bicycle Dynamo  [104.52 PH]
A cycle dynamo mounted on a wooden base 200 x 115 x 12 mm & provided with two sets of gears driven by a hand crank for fast or slow rotation. Two 4 mm socket terminals are provided for the dynamo output. Connected in parallel with an MES lamp holder & 2.5 V bulb.
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