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Guinea and Feather Apparatus  [105.83 PH]
A hard glass tube 650 mm length x 15 mm dia unevacuated fitted with stopcock to screw into air pump plate, supplied with a small coin and a feather.
Fly Wheel  [105.84 PH]
About 20 cms in dia by 44 mm wide turned and carefully balanced, mounted on a horizontal shaft held in ball bearings. The wheel is marked and pointer is fixed to the bracket. The bracket has four holes and can be fixed to the wall also.
Spring Extension Steel  [105.85 PH]
Of 26 s.w.g. wire, closely wound, 6 mm dia approx. loops at both ends.





Length (mm)




Average extn. for 200 gm load (mm)




Set of Springs  [105.86 PH]
An assortment of 150 compression and extension springs ranging from 11 to 300 mm in length, 3 to 22 mm in dia and 27 s.w.g. to 13 s.w.g. in wire thickness. In wooden box.
Hook's Law Apparatus  [105.87 PH]
The apparatus consists of a 15 cm adjustable mirror scale mounted on a sturdy support 30 cm high, an adjustable hook and a spring with a weight hanger are attached to the top of the rod. A pointer is fastened to the weight hanger, 5 pieces of 50 g slotted weights are recommended for use with the apparatus.
Young's Modulus Apparatus  [105.88 PH]
Searle's pattern. The instrument consisting of two frames connected by a link. The frames are fitted with self cenring chucks. An accurately graduated micrometer screw to read to 01 mm is fitted on one frame. One end of a sensitive spirit level is pivoted to one of the frame, the other end rests on the poins of a micrometer screw fitted in the other frame. The bubble of the level is adjusted to its zero mark and the reading of the micrometer observed. The load is then applied and by turning the micrometer screw the bubble is again adjusted to zero. The reading is observed and the difference between the reading gives the extension of the wire. Complete with chucks, ceiling attachment and tension weight. With case.
Young's Modulus Apparatus  [105.89 PH]
Simple form but efficient. Consist of a brass scale 10 cms. long and vernier to read 1/10mm with V slides clamps, guides for wire ceiling attachment and tension weight.
Torsion Apparatus (Horizontal)  [105.90 PH]
Searle's pattern, two cast iron feet each with 3 through holes and grub securing screws, separated by 2 supporting rods approximately 700 mm long one of which is graduated in cms and mms, wheel 165 mm dia, over groove moving in ball bearings, mounted on front foot, with spindle carrying split collect chuck for holding one end of test rod 55 cms long 5 mm dia, other end supported with clamping block through rear foot. With two aluminium scales graduated 30-0-30 in single degrees, mounted onpillar supports, which are adjustable along the rod, two pointers with clamp for attaching to specimen, one each of Brass and Steel rods, cord and hook for carrying masses but w/o weights.
Torsion Apparatus Vertical  [105.91 PH]
It consists of a heavy mild steel frame mounted on a heavy trileg cast iron base. Upper end of the rod 900 mm length and 5 mm dia under test is clamped by a 3-jaw chuck and the lower end is clamped, into the axis of a torsion couple three metal circular scales graduated in single degrees which are free to slide on one of the graduated rod can be clamped at any position. Three pointers for clamping to the test rod are provided. Strings to apply the deflecting couple and having pans at their free and pass over bearing pulleys which are clamped to the uprights without weights.
Dynamometer, Rintoul  [105.92 PH]
Spring with zero adjustment, scale 0-500 g x 100 g, spring extends 20 mm / 100 g, with scale pan dia 75 mm.
Scale Pan  [105.93 PH]
Light alloy, 150 mm dia with chains and ring.
Bending of Beam Assembly  [105.94 PH]
For determining Young's modulus for the material of a beam when supported at its extremities. Comprising a metal chrome plated bar 1 metre long, resting on the knife edges of 2 heavy table clamps, hanger with knife edge support to rest on the beam with micrometer or spherometer attachment and with electric contacts. But without weights.
Maxwell's Vibration Needle  [105.95 PH]
All brass N.P. For experiments on rigidity. It consists of a hollow brass tube graduated with scale divided in mms and with vernier to read 0.05mm. 40 cms. Long, 18 mm dia fitted with a small chuck and carrying a mirror, 2 solid cylinders and 2 hollow cylinders all 10 cms long accurately fitted in the bore of the tube and ceiling attachment with chuck.
Wall Bracket for Vibration Needle  [105.96 PH]
A heavy metal L shape strip with chuck nuts and two holes for fixing on the wall.
Elastic Materials Kit  [105.97 PH]
In this kit various materials such as springs, rubber blocks, wire, rubber cord, tube etc., are provided for class experiments to explore 'elasticity' by performing experiments on compression, torsion, extension and elastic limits. The standard pack is one-quarter class kit, i.e. sufficient for eight students and contains : 25 expendable steel springs 2 wide steel springs 114 x 75 mm diameter 2 soft latex foam blocks 1 50g reels of 32 s.w.g. Bare copper wire 2 50g reels of 26 s.w.g. Bare copper wire 1 length valve rubber tubing 4 elastic cords with eyelets 4 soft erasers for twisting
Specific Gravity Bottle  [105.98 PH]
Spherical pattern, adjusted light below glass Neutral/Borosilicate, with flat bottom and perforated stopper.





25 ml

50 ml

Hydrometers, Simple  [105.99 PH]
For simple density demonstration, polished hard wood, 150 x 10 x 10 mm, weighted one end, graduated at every 10 mm.
Hydrometer Nicholson  [105.100 PH]

Of bras chromium plated, hollow body joints soldered with upper loading pan and lower loaded weighted pan.

Overall Size : 250 x 35 mm height x dia
Hydrometer Universal  [105.100 PH]

A direct reading relative density hydrometer of streamlined form with parallel graduated stem and shot-loaded bulb.

Range : 60°F 0.700 to 2.000 x 0.010
Overall length : 370 mm approx.
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