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Microbalance Kit  [105.77 PH]
A kit for eight students enabling each to build up a workable (Straw Beam) micro balance with which quite accurate weighings can be made. Contents : 9 wooden base blocks 38 x 38 x 19 mm 9 wooden index strips 150 x 19 x 1.5 mm 9 rubber bands, 50 mm long 9 balancing screws 50 mm long 9 needles, fine, for pivots 9 balancing screws 12.5 mm long to fit straws 9 aluminium bearing channels 50 x 16 x 26 mm deep 100 Drinking straws Complete with equipment notes.
Inertia Balance  [105.78 PH]

Comprises two metal trays. 130 x 55 x 23 mm joined together by a pair of spring steel strips 10 mm wide, the distance between the trays being 215 mm. One tray is drilled to hold three equal cylindrical masses. The other tray acts as an anchorage and may be clamped to the bench either horizontally or vertically. Complete with three masses and a 'G' clamp for mounting.

Dimensions : 325 x 130 x 23 mm overall.
Simple Pendulum, Steel / Lead / Brass  [105.79 PH]
Comprising a solid sphere with a small ring of suspension. Available in three sizes as listed below.






13 mm

19 mm

25 mm

Compound Pendulum  [105.80 PH]
A chrome plated steel bar 100 x 3.75 cms chromium plated bored at equal intervals of 50 mm and provided with removable knife edge. Complee with wall bracket.
Kater Pendulum  [105.81 PH]
A stainless steel rod 1200 mm long, 10 mm dia, with one pair each of small and large brass and ebonite masses, two steel knife edges set in adjustable metal holders and a metal bracket with holes for wall mounting.
At Wood Machine  [105.82 PH]
This machine has brasspipe upright 240 cms (8 ft.) long graduated in cms. Metal fittings and arrangement for exact adjustment, vertical and horizontal. No dropping platform. Electric release weights start falling instantly circuit is broken. Wheel of aluminium 10 cms. Diameter is carefully adjusted and balanced on steel agate bearing; platform with sliding weights and over weights.
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