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Dynamic Trolleys  [105.59 PH]
300 mm long, metal reinforced at ends, having three low-loss bush bearing PVC wheels and fitted with spring-loaded impulse rod. Rod has three positions to provide different impulses and is triggered by a release pin. With removable metal pins at each end to enable trolleys or masses to be stacked or to provide anchoring points for accelerating cords.
Trolley Runway  [105.60 PH]
This is designed to provide a smooth flat easily inclinable surface for dynamics experiments using trolleys. Wrap Resistant wood board, 2450 x 300 x 20 mm thick, reinforced with metal angle side rails. Complete with six feet for levelling or inclining the runway, two fixed centrally and two at each end adjustable for height.
Ticker Tape Timer - A.C.  [105.61 PH]
Operates on 12V A.C. The timer employes electromagnet, with spring loaded armature which vibrates above a support table for a carbon paper disc. Paper tape, drawn through guides on the table, is struck by a dotting screw carried on the armature. Additional with extra guides accommodate 4.5 mm external diameter rubber tubing for the 'Pearls in air' water drop experiment. The peg on the support table is movable to allow maximum use of carbon paper discs. Supplied with 90m roll of tape and carbon paper discs. The ticker tape Timer produces dots spaced at 1/50 or 1/60s intervals depending on main frequency.
Ticker Tape Timer - D.C.  [105.62 PH]

As similar to 52, but operates on 12V D.C. Produces dots at 1/50s intervals only.

Spare Parts :  
  a) Ticker tape, width 9.5mm, in rolls approx. 300meter long.
  b) Carbon paper Discs. Pack of 100.
Elastic Cord with Eyelets  [105.63 PH]

For accelerating dynamic trolleys. With a length of elastic cords wit brass eyelet at each end. In use cord is attached with the trolley by slipping one of the eye lets over the front dowel peg. (One or more cords may be used simultaneously depending upon the acceleration required.) Constant acceleration will arise if the cord is stretched a constant amount, say, to length of the trolley. The Cords are packed in tens mounted on a card for easy storage.

Dimensions : 150 mm unstretched length between eyelets.
Flectcher's Trolley  [105.64 PH]
An aluminium track, 1720 x 150 mm wide with levelling screws. Aluminium pulley 50 mm dia. clamp for vibrator and automatic pen release. Aluminium trolley 690 x 80 x 65 mm, with three wheels mounted on ball bearings, five holes to accommodate cylindrical masses each approximately 350 gms. Vibrator 600 mm long with clamping marks at 5 and 8 Hz and pen holder with one each wood block 150 x 75 x 13 mm, 150 x 75 x 23 mm and 150 x 75 x 50 mm. Without pen and paper.
Inertia Bar  [105.65 PH]

Discs at the ends are screwed and can be removed. Split chuck for clamping can be screwed in the middle of the bar or at either end.

Length : 25 cms.
Gyroscope  [105.66 PH]
The brass wheel is 7.5 cm in dia 3 cm at its rim, carefully balanced and all three pair of pivots are adjustable. Complete fitted on stand.
Centripetal Force Kit  [105.67]
Comprises 20 each of the following : Glass tube 125 x 8 mm length x diameter, rubber tube 100 x 8 mm, length x bore, rubber stopper two hole, plastics rod 25 x 6 mm, length x diameter, wire hook (Paper clip), crocodile clip index; 200 metal washers; one ball of cord 30 m.
Turntable / Flywheel  [105.68 PH]
The apparatus consists of a circular wooden top 300 mm diameter and 12 mm thick attached to a strong ball bearing spindle provided with a driving pulley, 80 mm diameter and a support rod for mounting in a large tripod base or boss head. Holes are drilled in the table and bolts are supplied for securing the various interchangeable accessories.
Rotating Platform  [105.69 PH]
Comprising a platform 310 x 310 mm. The large diameter bearing is designed to withstand off centre forces at the same time allowing free rotation. The base is fitted with anti-slip rubber feet.
Inclined Plane, Simple and Friction Board  [105.70 PH]
A planed board, 600 x 75 mm, hinged to the base at one end and provided with a pulley for the force cord at the other. A movable block enables the inclination of the plane to be varied. The friction slide, 100 x 65 mm is reversible and has one side cut away for half its area. Complete with brass roller 75 x 25 mm diameter. Without masses or scale pan.
Inclined Plane  [105.71 PH]

For experiments on sliding friction. Comprises inclined wood plane, 600 x 100 x 20 mm, with 22 mm diameter pulley, hinged to wood base, 450 x 100 x 20 mm. Linear scale fixed to edge of plane and vertical linear and 0 to 45 angular scales fixed to base with clamp, shaped for use as index.

Diameter :  
Wood blocks : 200 x 75 mm
  100 x 75 mm
Steel block : 100 x 75 mm
Scale pan : 75 mm
Inclined Plane  [105.72 PH]

The apparatus comprises two wood strips mounted on a heavy cast-iron base, friction reducing surface covers the inclined plane. An adjusting clamp and 50 mm diameter pulley are provided at the top of the incline and a linear scale is fixed to the side. A 0 to 45 angular scale is screwed to the base.

Dimensions :  
Overall length without pulley : 550 mm approximately
Width : 150 mm.
Friction Kit  [105.73 PH]

To provide a simple demonstration of the relationship between friction and reaction. Kit comprises warp free wood board, 760 x 150 x 20 mm thick, with steel eyellring in one end edge, 10 stainless steel rollers 190 mm long x 13 mm diameter, 4 wood blocks 230 x 115 x 20 mm thick, one of which has a steel eye in oneedge, and a stout metal crank handle in a U shaped bracket, 90 x 50 mm to two board on rollers. Without spring balance.

Accessory : Spring balance 1 Kg.
Liver Simple Form  [105.74 PH]
For introducing the concept of equilibrium leading to an appreciation of the principle of the beam balance. Consisting of a polished box wood rule 1m in length, divided in centimetres and millimetres on one edge, and inches and tenths on the other. Drilled every 2 cm. Without riders.
Riders Only  [105.75 PH]
For the above lever, set of three : one acts as a fulcrum and the other two as weight hangers. Complete with pins.
Lever Kit  [105.76 PH]
To provide a simple 'See-Saw' for experiments on balancing masses, leading to the principle of the lever. Also to show that there is no net change in energy in the moving masses. Comprises 5 wood beams, approximately 610 x 44 mm graduated at 38 mm intervals, 4 "U" shaped supports, grooved to locate fulcrum pins, 40 brass 'penny weights', 25 x 25 x 2 mm and 20 fulcrum pins for insertion into edge of beam.
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