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Beaums Hydrometer  [106.1 PH]
For light liquids calibrated at 20C. Combined scale range 70 - 10 & 700 bv- 1000; in card case.
Beaums Hydrometer  [106.2 PH]
For heavy liquids, calibrated at 20C; combined scale 1.000 to 2.000 & 0.70; in card box.
Battery Hydrometer  [106.3 PH]
Glass Hydrometer range 1100 - 1300 with coloured zones; blue, white, & red for charged, partly charged, & uncharged conditions respectively. Glass body, compressible rubber bulb, & rubber tube with fitting to body in card box.
Hare's Apparatus  [106.4 PH]
Comprising three limb glass tubes mounted on polished wooden stand with scale in cm & mm. The column height readings are facilitated by means of sliding stand, which can be lifted upward & downward so that their lower ends just touch the free surfaces of the liquids. Complete with rubber tube & pinch clip.
Hare's Tube  [106.5 PH]
Unmounted glass tube, limbs 600 x 10 mm with a third short limb for connecting a suction tube.
U Tube  [106.6 PH]
For use as a manometer, this is an unmounted glass tube with limbs 600 x 10 mm on graduated wooden stand.
Boyle's Law Apparatus, Simple Type  [106.7 PH]

Simple type consists of a 50 ml polythene syringe held firmly in a strong & stable base, & another flat piece is attached to the syringe piston. When the weights are placed, it causes compression of air. Air bleed valve provided.

Dimensions : 100 x 100 x 180 mm
Boyle's Law 'J' Tube on Stand  [106.8 PH]
Consists of a 'J' tube mounted on a wooden stand approx. 840 mm high. The closed limb of the 'J' tube is approx. 400 mm long with 1 mm bore & the open limb is approx. 780 mm long with 8 mm bore . A scale is fitted to the stand graduated from 0 at the lower end to 80 cm at the top. A loose fitting plunger is pushed into the open limb of the 'J' tube by displacement, the height of the mercury can be adjusted from about -50 mm to +450 mm relative to the closed end.
Boyle's Law Apparatus  [106.9 PH]
Having glass tubes 220 x 8 mm (internal diameter), one closed at the top while the other open. The lower ends of the tubes are drawn out & connected together by 1.5 m of rubber pressure tubing (outer dia 10 mm & inner dia 5 mm). Both the tubes are mounted on brackets which can be locked on any portion on the metal supporting rods. Stand is made of approx. 1.06 m in height & carries a graduated scale 0 to 100 cm with mm divisions in centre & figured every 2 cm up either side on heavy metal box. Mercury required for this apparatus is approx. 30 cm.
Jolly Air Bulb  [106.10 PH]
In the apparatus described in 106.9, a Jolly Air Thermometer bulb of 50 mm diameter is mounted on a wooden frame that can be fixed at three places - up, middle , & down on the stand & enable the apparatus to be used as Jolly's Apparatus.
Boyle's Law Apparatus  [106.11 PH]

A wide bore glass tube is mounted vertically in front of a scale graduated 0 to 60 cm. Zero corresponds to the inside of the closed top end of the tube. Air is confined in the tube by a coloured oil contained in metal pressure chamber which is fitted with a Bourdon type gauge calibrated 0 to 50 lb./in & 3.5 Kg/cm actual pressure. A valve is fitted to the air inlet tube from the pump. As the pressure in the oil chamber is increased, oil in its actual total pressure is indicated directly. The tube is of extra strong glass & plastic safety screen is secured on front.

The overall height of the apparatus : 690 mm approx.
Mercury Tray  [106.12 PH]

Of polished hardwood 25 mm deep, with hole & peg in corner.

A) 230 x 230 mm
B) 600 x 300 mm
Mercury Trough  [106.13 PH]

Made of porcelain;

Capacity : 150 ml.
Pascal's Apparatus  [106.14 PH]
To show that the pressure of a liquid varies with depth & not the shape of the vessel. With glass vessels of 4 different shapes mounted in leak proof metallic collars mounted on a metal base. With plastic bowl.
Bramah Hydraulic Press  [106.15 PH]
All glass working model, with visible coloured valves height 225 mm & width 120 mm mounted on wooden stand 270 mm high; with plastic trough.
Lung Demonstration Apparatus  [106.16 PH]
To show how the lungs are filled & emptied with air by the relaxation & contraction of the diaphragm muscle. Two balloons attached to a Y tube simulate the lungs; the chest cavity is 22.5 x 15 cm jar with open top & stout rubber sheet which acts as the diaphragm.
Lift Pump/ Water Pump  [106.17 PH]
Made of all glass, with visible coloured valves. Overall height approx. 350 mm; working model mounted on wooden stand 425 mm high; with plastic trough.
Force Pump  [106.18 PH]
All glass, working, with visible coloured valves; overall size 350 x 100 mm mounted on wooden stand 400 x 150 mm approx. With plastic trough.
Pressure of Liquid  [106.19 PH]
Also known as simple Pascal's Law. Comprises a glass bulb approx. 50 mm dia with holes & glass piston overall size 250 mm.
Fluid Pressure Apparatus  [106.20 PH]
For demonstrating the transmissibility of fluid pressure. Comprising two brass cylinders 19 mm & 38 mm diameter fitted with pistons & connected by a brass tube. For loading mass, the pistons are provided with rods terminating in circular platform of diameter 75 mm each. The apparatus is mounted on a polished wooden base 200 x 100 x 22 mm & overall height with both pistons at the bottom of their cylinders is 245 mm.
Cartesian Diver  [106.21 PH]
To demonstrate floating, suspension, & sinking in accordance with Archemede's principle. Made of glass & approx. 35 mm long.
Spouting Cylinder  [106.22 PH]
To demonstrate that pressure increases with depth. Made of sheet metal 475 x 100 mm with 3 orifices of the same diameter with rubber corks & tubes.
Communicating Vessel  [106.23 PH]

Glass Tube of four different shapes & size mounted vertically above a horizontal communicating tube for liquid level demonstrations. Mounted on a bakelite stand.

Dimensions : 120x 300x 60 mm.

Manometer  [106.24 PH]

For use at moderate pressures, made from glass tubing 6 mm bore, 8 mm outer diameter. The apparatus is open at both ends & is supplied unfilled.

Dimensions : 250 mm x 32 mm.
Vacuum Gauge (Manometer) Bennert  [106.25 PH]
To be used as differential manometer, pressure gauge & vacuum gauge; closed tube fitted with mercury with stop cock & sliding mirror scale graduated 200 - 0 - 200 x 2 mm on wooden stand.
Barometer Tube  [106.26 PH]
A thick wall glass tube 90 mm long closed at one end.
Siphon Barometer  [106.27 PH]
A serviceable barometer at low cost yet sufficiently accurate. The whole column of mercury is visible. Scale is graduated in both English & metric systems. Zero point adjustment is carried by a screw clamp attached to glass tube. Complete fitted on a polished wooden board.
Siphon Barometer Tube  [106.28 PH]
For 106.27 made of glass 90 mm long with bulb on shorter limb.
Demonstration Aneroid Barometer  [106.29 PH]
100 mm dial with movement encased in a transparent acrylic case suitable for full view of the movement allows the action to be demonstrated with the help of a rubber bellow. Complete with the bellow.
Aneroid Barometer  [106.30 PH]
Dial 100 mm diameter, dial scale 960 to 1060 mb (28-31 in x 0.10 in) figured in black, good quality movement mounted in a polished plastic frame 155 mm diameter with glass in anodised bezel with lug for rear mounting.
Bourdon Gauge  [106.31 PH]
A circular gauge having an over all diameter of 100 mm & a depth of 40 mm. The dial reads 0 to 50 lb./in x 1 & o to 3.5 Kg/cm x 0.1 actual (total) pressure & the case has a clear perspex back so that the working parts may be seen.
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