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Glass Tube  [103.1 PH]

For producing an electrostatic charge by rubbing with fur etc. Both ends closed & rounded.

Dimensions : 300 x 15 mm
Rods for producing Charge  [103.2 PH]
a) Glass : with rounded ends; 300 x 10 mm
b) Ebonite : with rounded ends; 300 x 12.5 mm
c) Polythene : 300 x 12.5 mm
d) Perspex : Polished finish; 300 x 12.5 mm
Cellulose Strip  [103.3 PH]

For producing positive charges relative to polythene when rubbed by woollen rubber.

Overall Dimensions : 250 x 25 x 1.5 mm
Rubbing Cloth  [103.4 PH]
a) Silk : 300 mm square
b) Woollen : for use with polythene, cellulose & perspex. 300 mm square
c) Flannel : for producing charges on insulating rods & strips. 300 mm square
Proof Plane  [103.5 PH]

Plated brass disc 22 mm diameter mounted on a metal shaft & fitted to a 6 mm insulating handle.

Overall length : 150 mm approx
Pith Balls  [103.6 PH]
A pack of 12 in plastic case.
Electrophorous  [103.7 PH]
A plastic disc 16 cm diameter in wooden base, a brass nickel plated 100 mm dia plate with ebonite handle & a small brass contact sphere.
Conductors  [103.8 PH]
a) Sphere : made of brass, nickel plated, mounted on stand with metal tripod base, with a 5 cm wide opening at the top.
b) Conical : made of brass, nickel plated, 100 x 50 mm in size, mounted on insulated metal stand with tripod base.
c) Cylindrical :

made of brass nickel plated 125 x 50 mm in size mounted on insulated metal stand with tripod base.

Biots Apparatus  [103.9 PH]
With insulated handles 50 mm wide; can be used in conjunction with the hollow conductor sphere for showing that an electrostatic charge resides on the outer surface of the conductor (by removing the outer surface & leaving the inner surface uncharged). Complete with spherical conductor on insulated stand with tripod base.
Electric Fields Apparatus  [103.10 PH]
Comprises a shallow glass dish100 x 10 mm & a pair of socket terminals/ electrode holders that clip onto its rim. A compliments of six electrodes is supplied, two point source, two line source & two circular rings of 70 & 35 mm diameter respectively.
Electroscope Pith Ball  [103.11 PH]
A chrome plated brass pillar mounted on a wooden base with 2 pith balls spheres on unspun silk.
Electroscope, Simple Flask Type  [103.12 PH]

A 100 ml conical borosilicate glass flask, brass rod with disc & gold leaf attached, supported in cork with polythene insert.

Overall height : 125 mm approx.
Gold Leaf Electroscope, Dual Purpose  [103.13 PH]
A metal plate on which a single gold leaf supported by an insulating bush in a metal case with a 4 mm socket earthing terminal. The front window is clear & the rear window is of ground glass mounted upon a bakelite base & two interchangeable electrodes are supplied. One being a traditional disc top plate 50 mm diameter, while the other is in the form of a metal hook 160 mm. Overall dimensions complete with insulating bush 112 x 63 x 143 mm.
Gold Leaf  [103.14 PH]
A pack of 10 leaves 100 x 100 mm for Gold Leaf Electroscope.
Tin Metal Foil  [103.15 PH]
Commercial packing foil in 100 gms roll.
Electrostatics Kit  [103.16 PH]

A comprehensive kit of apparatus to enable students to investigate many aspects of electrostatic forces.

The kit comprises of : 1 Electroscope, 1 Rubber (polishing cloth), 4 metalled polystyrene spheres, 1 plated wire hook, 1 reel nylon monofilament, 1 Electrophorous plate on insulating handle, 1 cellulose acetate strip, 1 polythene strip, 1 proof plane on insulating handle, 1 wire stirrup to support the above two items, 2 polythene tiles & 2 aluminium cans.
Aepinus Condenser  [103.17 PH]

Comprising two metal discs, each 75 mm with variable separation, supported on insulating pillars & provided with insulating handles on the ends of the adjustment slide rods, 4 mm sockets too are drilled onto the ends of the rods. A rectangular glass plate is supplied which mounts in clips between the two discs & may be easily replaced by a plate of some other material to show the effect of different dielectrics. The whole is mounted on a polished wooden base.

Overall dimensions : 225 x 150 x 175 mm
Electric Whirl  [103.18 PH]
For demonstrating the effect of electric discharge from points. The apparatus has 60 mm diameter six pointed star wheel with all the points curved in one direction. The wheel rotates freely on a pivot point mounted on a short stand & the stand is provided with a 4 mm connection socket on the round base.
Faraday's Butterfly Net  [103.19 PH]

For demonstrating that an electrical charge resides on the external surface of a conductor. Net with cord on insulating pillar with metal tripod base.

Overall height : 350 mm approx.
Lyden Jar  [103.20 PH]
A plastic vessel, with removable metal internal & external coatings, H x dia 100 x 75 mm approx.; inner metal coating in form of inverted cup to which a rod is fixed.
Discharger  [103.21 PH]

Two small brass plated spheres mounted on curved arms jointed with ebonite insulating handle.

Overall length : 250 mm approx.
Van De Graff Generator  [103.22 PH]
Hand driven, mounted on a wooden base. The discharge sphere is supported on a pivoted arm, with a handle for easy adjustment. For connecting accessories, a 4 mm socket is provided at the top of the large sphere, & a 4mm earth socket is drilled in the handwheel pillar base. Spark of approx. 50 mm in length is easily obtained.
Van De Graff Generator, Motor Driven  [103.23 PH]
The low voltage powered model is designed for operation on a 3 to 5 V DC supply capable of providing in a current of 1.5 amps. Power input is via a pair of colour coded 4 mm sockets. Mains operated versions are provided with 1.5 meters of 3 core mains cable. The earth core of the mains lead being connected to the metal structure of the apparatus. Both voltage & mains versions also have independent 4 mm earth sockets with discharger of 75 mm dia with handle.
Whimshurst Machine  [103.24 PH]

With two plastic plates dia 30 cms, each carries aluminium foil segments. Maximum spark length 75 mm. The neutralising bars are provided. The collecting brushes are carried on a large insulating beam. A pair of high capacity lyden jars are incorporated which may be connected or disconnected as required. The complete apparatus is mounted on a wooden base with rubber feet.

Overall dimensions : 450 x 175 x 500 mm.
Large Electrolytic Capacitors  [103.25 PH]

Used in energy conversion experiments to show how energy is stored in a capacitor & to demonstrate that energy stored is proportional to V2. Mounted in clips on rectangular base & provided with 4 mm socket connections.

Capacitance : 25 x 103.
Dimensions : 165 x 100 x 80 mm.
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