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Moving Coil Ammeter  [101.44 PH]
for DC measurements only, accuracy 2% at f.s.d. scale, 50 mm long with anti-parallax mirror; set at a convenient reading angle in plastic case 100 x 90 x 100 mm. With pair of colour coded 4 mm socket terminals & zero adjustment. Available in ranges from 1A to 15A.
Moving Iron Ammeter  [101.45 PH]
As 101.44 but moving iron type or AC or DC measurements; accuracy 2.5% at f.s.d. Available in ranges from 1A to 10A.
Dual Scale Ammeter  [101.46 PH]
Same as 101.44 with three colour coded 4 mm socket terminals & zero adjustment. Normal internal resistance 0.05 & 0.1 ohms. Available up to 3A & 15A.
Moving Coil MilliAmmeter  [101.47 PH]
Description same as of 101.44 but in ranges from 1mA to 500 mA.
Moving Coil MilliAmmeters & MilliVoltmeters  [101. 48 PH]
For DC Milliamp or Millivolt measurements only; accuracy to BS 89 Class index 1.5. Taut band suspension with single linear scale, 63 mm long with centre zero, is housed on projection type transparent plastic case mounted on an inclined base at a convenient reading angle. With pair of colour coded 4 mm socket terminals & zero adjustment. Momentary overload 1000%; can withstand momentary connection across the terminals of a 12 V accumulator. 110 x 82 x 57 mm.
Also available with terminals.





500 - 0 - 500 mA



1 - 0 - 1 mA



2 - 0 - 2 mA


Moving Coil Micro Ammeter  [101.49 PH]
Description same as 101.44 with ranges upto 500A
Moving Iron Voltmeter  [101.50 PH]
For AC & DC measurements. Flush mounting in plated metal case with mounting flange 73 mm diameter at front & wire leads at rear. Range 0 to 15 V. Also available in Dual Scale & Moving Coil Type Category.
Moving Coil Galvanometer  [101.51 PH]
Moving coil type for DC use only. Sensitivity approx. 200mA/division, coil resistance 10W scale, 50 mm, long with anti - parallax mirror, is set at a convenient reading angle in plastic case 100 x 90 x 100 mm, with pair of colour coded 4 mm socket terminals & zero adjustment. FSD 1200 mA per division 20mA. Available upto 50mA.
Spot Galvanometer  [101.52 PH]

Very popular for use as a null detector for potentiometric set up & bridges. Housed in bakelite case with lamp & scale arrangement. Taut band type movement sufficiently shock proof. Alcomax magnet properly aged for high stability. Clamp 150 mm long, easy replacement for lamp. Operates at mains 220 Volts AC or 6 V DC; band switch for 5 shunt powers 1, 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000 & short circuit.

Dimensions : 220 x 225 x 132 mm approx.




Damping Resistance

125 ohms

2 sec

1000 ohms

Digital Bench Meter  [101.53 PH]
Digital Meter for general purpose laboratory use housed in tough case use of a 3 digit cover most of the ranges. Displays 13 mm characters; operates on mains with accuracy 0.3% typical. Linearity 0.2% typical & dimensions 92 x 130 x 100 mm. Available in ranges from 1.999mA AC to 199.9mV DC
Multimeter  [101.54 PH]
Low cost moving coil multimeter for AC/DC & resistance measurements, having a knife edge pointer moving over a two colour scale. With 175A f.s.d. sensitivity. Range selection is by pins. Test leads stay firmly in the terminals. Two 1.5V batteries included.
Multimeter Digital 3 Digit LCD  [101.55 PH]
DC voltage upto 1000 V in five ranges; AC voltage upto 750 V in five ranges; DC current upto 10 A in five ranges; AC current upto 10 A in five ranges. Resistance upto 200M ohms in seven ranges
Multimeter Digital 4 Digit LCD  [101.56 PH]
Contact Key Single  [101.57 PH]
A brass C.P. spring arm with press knob & two brass terminals. All mounted on bakelite base 80 x 55 mm.
Contact Key Double  [101.58 PH]
A contact arm & three metal studs mounted on a bakelite base with three brass terminals. The centre terminal is common connection to the arm & the other two terminals connected to the other studs.
Plug Keys  [101.59 PH]
a) One Way : Two brass blocks 9 mm thick with brass terminals mounted on a 80 x 55 bakelite base. Accurately tapered plug with bakelite moulded top is fitted into the gap between the brass blocks.
b) Two Way : same as above with three brass blocks on a 180 x 52 mm base.
c) Three Way : same as 101.59A with four brass blocks.
d) Four Way :

same as 101.59A with five brass blocks.

Knife Switch Double  [101.60 PH]

Double Pole Double Throw, mounted on a bakelite base with screw holes for bench fixing etc.

Overall Dimensions : 100 x 15 x 30 mm
Reversing Switch  [101.61 PH]

Rotary brush type switch with phosphor bronze contacts. Screw terminals. Maximum current 10 A mounted on an insulating base.

Dimensions : 100 x 100 x 70 mm.
Charge & Discharge Key  [101.62 PH]

Used in charging & discharging of a capacitor. C.P. brass strips & pillars. Three terminals fitted on a thick bakelite plate of high insulation.

Contact Resistance : 2 milliohms approx.
Maximum Current : 5 amps.
Dimensions : 185 x 15 x 45 mm
Commutator Pohl's  [101.63 PH]

Used in experiments on Hysterisis. Six cups for mercury in bakelite tray. Six terminals for connections & an insulating handle. Maximum current 5 amps.

Dimensions : 140 x 140 x 80 mm
Spade Terminal Adapter  [101.64 PH]
To convert ordinary screw terminals for use with 4 mm plug connectors. This adapter consists of a standard type of spade terminal integral with an insulated 4 mm socket connector. A transverse 4 mm connection hole is also provided enabling two connections to be made to the adapter. In red & black colours.
Insulated Socket Terminal  [101.65 PH]
With moulded captive head, 4 mm socket, nuts & washers. The screw top will clamp ordinary connecting wires & spade terminals. Available in red & black colours.
Socket for Banana Plugs  [101.66 PH]
4 mm moulded hard plastic body, threaded with fixing plug. Plated brass insert with solder pin. Requires 8 mm diameter panel hole. Maximum panel thickness 12 mm. Available in Red, yellow, black & green colours.
Stacking Plugs  [101.67 PH]
4 mm with screw connections for leads, longitudinal & transverse 4 mm holes for extra plug connections, hard plastic insulating body. Available in Red, Yellow, & Black colours.
Crocodile Clips  [101.68 PH]
With strong spring & clamping screw for wire.
Plug Leads  [101.69 PH]
4 mm plugs connected by a length of flexible, plastic insulated copper wire. Plugs are stackable. Available in red, yellow, & black colours & in length 300, 500, & 1000 mm.
Flashlamp Bulb  [101.70 PH]
With MES cap, suitable for flashlamps, spotlights, & panel lamps etc.













Flashlamp Low Voltage  [101.71 PH]
With straight axial filament, double contact SBC. 55 x 38 mm.
Festoon Bulb  [101.72 PH]
12V 3V for use with smoke cell & multiple light source.
Lamp Holder M.E.S.  [101.73 PH]
To take flashlamp bulbs, moulded plastic base with two screw connections.
Lamp Holders, Mounted  [101.74 PH]
S.B.C. double contact brass lamp holder mounted on rectangular base, with two 4 mm socket connections. 100 x 60 x 60 mm.
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