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Simple Cell  [101.1 PH]
A glass jar 150 x 100 mm with 150 x 50 mm zinc & copper plates with terminals.
Daniel Cell  [101.2 PH]
Comprises a copper vessel150 x 100 mm with terminal & perforated shelf, thick zinc rod 150 x 12.5 mm with brass terminal & porous pot 140 x 50 mm complete.
Zinc Rod  [101.3 PH]
For Daniel Cell; 150 x 12.5 height x diameter , fitted with a terminal.
Leclanche Cell  [101.4 PH]
Comprises a glass container 90 x 90 x 150 mm. Rim shaped to hold the zinc rod to accommodate the cathode, a porous pot containing a carbon rod with terminal with a mixture of powdered carbon & manganese dioxide depolarizer. Requires approx. 500 ml ammonium chloride electrolyte with zinc rod & porous pot but without electrolyte. The cell produces an EMF of about 1.5 volts.
Porous Pots  [101.5 PH]
available in Dimensions :


Height (mm)

Diameter (mm)













Lead Accumulator  [101.6 PH]
Multiplate type, 2 volts 120 amps. Hard rubber container with plastic lid & screw terminals. Complete with instructions for charging.
Standard Cell  [101.7 PH]
'H' form constructed in accordance with the specifications laid down by National Physical Laboratory - India. Platinum wires are sealed into the bases of the limbs & are connected to the terminal at the top of the case. E = 1.0186 V at 20C. Mounted in moulded case.
Worcester Circuit Board  [101.8 PH]
Consists of a base board, complete with terminals, a set of metal connection pillars & a number of clips on flexible connection strips & accessory units; enabling a wide variety of electrical circuits to be constructed quickly & easily. The phosphor - bronze strips are so designed that when flexed a little in the fingers, they are easily slipped over the pass where their natural spring holds them firmly in position & ensures a good electrical contact. Supplied with all the necessary accessories.
Water Circuit Board  [101.9 PH]

Consists of a large board on which is mounted a low voltage electric pump, connected to a 4 mm socket terminals that circulates the water through the circuit. The circuit is of clear plastic tubing connected to glass tubes of different bores representing resistances. Across the resistances is connected a detachable manometer show the potential difference. Following the resistance is a taper ended tube discharging into a funnel so that the rate of flow representing the current may be shown.

Dimensions of the board : 590 x 320 mm approx
Manometer : 275 x 155 mm approx.
Morse Key  [101.10 CH]
Mounted on wood base, with adjustable pivots, variable spring tension & variable movement. Three terminal posts are incorporated for make or break operation.
Morse Sounder  [101.11 PH]
An open construction on a wood base with twin coils. Adjustment is provided on the armature spring tension & the movement. Two terminal posts are incorporated.
Morse Key & Morse Sounder  [101.12 PH]
Both on same board.
Electric Motor with Newton's Disc  [101.14 PH]
Mounted on a wooden base 90 x 90 x 100 mm, workable on 2 to 4 volt DC with fan blade & Newton's colour disc.
Demonstration Electric Motor  [101.15 PH]
A model of the simplest form of DC motor; having 3 armatures - 2 pole, 3 pole, & 4 pole, wound with enamelled copper wire, & a permanent magnetic field provided by a removable bar magnet. The construction is completely open & all components are readily observable. A disc type commutator is incorporated & external connection to the phosphor - bronze bushes is by means of a pair of 4 mm sockets. The motor shall operate on 4.5 to 9 volts DC.
Demonstration Electric Bell  [101.16 PH]
Mounted on a wooden base 125 x 250 mm, all parts easily visible, rigid constructions to show the connections on a vertical stand.
Dynamo Model AC  [101.17 PH]
A simple demonstration of a Dynamo Model mounted on a wooden base of size 200 x 170 mm. Hand driven by a gear. Simplified open frame construction which can be readily understood without detriments to its essential similarity to real machine. A 2 pole armature wound by enamelled copper wire to rotate in U shape magnet in pivot. While in rotation process through the gear wheel by hand, the bulb provided glows.
Dynamo Model DC  [101.18 PH]
same as 101.17 but DC
Demonstration Dynamo  [101.19 PH]
This model uses the same basic assembly as the electric motor in 101.15 but is mounted on a base plate 225 x 100 mm which also carries a hand drive pulley 120 mm in diameter coupled to the smaller dynamo pulley by a rubber belt. Electric output is via a pair of 4 mm socket & a light emitting diode is provided as simple output indicator. The model may also be used as motor on a 4 to 8 volts DC supply.
Dynamo Model AC & DC  [101.20 PH]
A simple dynamo model to differentiate AC from DC. Mounted on a wooden base 300 x 150 x 160 mm approx. Two bulbs are provided for AC & DC current(s). The model is hand driven & when operated, the AC bulb shows flickering light to indicate AC current while the other bulb glows fully indicating DC current.
Double 'C' Core & Clip  [101.21 PH]
Laminated core to form a roughly rectangular core 92 x 56 x 20 mm approx. With a cross section of 20 x 12 mm & is cut across the middle to produce 2 equal 'C's. A strong spring steel strip is provided to hold the two halves together.
Pair of Coils - 120 turns  [101.22 PH]

Each centre hole coil is wound on a plastic former & is provided with 4 mm socketed terminals. The coil fits onto a double 'C' core, provides a suitable transformer for operation from a low voltage AC supply. In addition, it provides a useful electromagnet if used on one half of a 'C' core.

Overall Size of the coil : 100 x 53 x 28 mm approx.
Pair of Coils - 2400 turns  [101.23 PH]
Same as 101.22 but with 2400 turns. Used principally as secondary coils with 395, they may also be used for magnetising steel rods using about 20 volts DC through the coil.
Coil - 240 turns  [101.24 PH]

Wound on a plastic bobbin to fit a standard 'C' core. The coil is centre hole & provided with 3 mm socketed terminals.

Dimensions : 100 x 53 x 28 mm approx.
Platinum Resistance Thermometer  [101.25 PH]
Enclosed in a borosilicate glass tube 33 cms long, 14 mm dia. Four terminals ( 2 mains, 2 compensatory ) resistance approx. 2.8 ohms. Fundamental interval 1 ohm. Range 0 - 500 C
Wheatstone Bridge  [101.26 PH]
Two gap type. Mounted on a polished wooden base, with 24 SWG Constantan wire, with brass strips & 4 mm socket terminals for use with either wire or standard 4 mm plugs for galvanometer & other connections. Boxwood scale graduated 0 - 100 cm x 1 mm. With knife edge jockey having terminal.
Wheatstone Bridge - 4 gaps  [101.27 PH]
Same as 101.26 with 4 gaps & bridging strips.
Potentiometer - 1 Wire  [101.28 PH]
Slide wire pattern with one wire, 1 meter long, mounted on a polished wooden base with boxwood rule graduated 0 - 100 cm x 1 cm with three socket type 4 mm terminals to enable the apparatus to be used either as a one meter or two meter instrument with sliding jockey.
Potentiometer - 4 wire  [101.29 PH]
Same as 101.28 with 4 wires of 24 SWG Constantan connected in series to give effective length of 4 meters; with two terminals. With jockey having knife edge press keys type giving accurate contacts & a terminal for connection.
Jockey Knife Edge  [101.30 PH]
For Wheatstone Bridge & Potentiometers. Metal knife edge mounted in plastic handle, 90 mm long x 12 mm dia with terminal at the upper end.
Post Office Box  [101.31 PH]

Plug in type. The heavy brass contact blocks are bond to the vulcanite plated by a double nut system. The plugs & lugs are cut to a finer taper & are interchangeable. The plug heads are machine moulded of bakelite. Each resistor is independently mounted with double leads. Accuracy of Constantan coils 0.1% or lower values & 0.5% for higher values. Resistor : the best imported constantan wire is wound on ebonite spools; the method adopted is non inductive & non magnetic. Each resistor is dipped in boiling hot wax. Provided as above with 3 ratio coils of 1000, 100 & 10 ohms. Rheostat arm 15, 000 ohms. Two tapping keys with silver contacts provided for battery & galvanometer in teakwood case with hinged lid.

Overall dimensions : 280 x 200 x 175 mm
Student Kelvin Bridge  [101.32 PH]
The instrument is combined potentiometer & double ratio box. It may be used for measurement for two or more terminals resistance & metallic bars from 1.1 ohms down to 0.0001 ohms & arranged on all rotary dial. The slide wire reads resistance in steps of 0.001 ohms. Knife edged special jockey is provided for accurate contacts, with the help of double ratio box the reading can be made from 1.1 ohms to 0.00001 ohms.
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