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Drill Gauges  [201.424 CH]

Made from heavy gauge Aluminium Plate, machined and ground to close tolerances.

Plate size : 60x156mm
A : Drill Gauge (Metric). For drills from 1 to 13 mm diameter x 0.5mm, with decimal equipments.
B : Drill Gauge (Inches). For drills from 1/16 into 1/2 in x 1/16 in. with decimal equivalents.
Drill Set  [201.425 CH]

High speed steel drill, for hand and portable electric drill. Metric and Imperial ranges available.

Imperial :
Set of 10, 1/16 to 1/4 Inch.
Hand Drill  [201.426 CH]

Chuck capacity 6mm, single pinion, enamelled finish, hardwood handle.Overall length 300mm approx. 201.427 Set of Files : Fine cut, Comprising one each : 12mm wide, flat (thin, with slight taper.) 12mm wide, piller (Straight flat) with safe edge. 12mm wide, half round 8mm wide, triangular. 4mm wide, square 5mm diameter, round Each approx. 100mm length of cut. Without handles.

Note : Saperate files of other sizes are also available on request.
Triangualr File  [201.428 CH]
150mm slim taper, second cut. Without handle.
File Hanndle  [201.429 CH]

Wooden handle with steel ferrule to fit files.

Dimensions : 100 x 25mm (length x dia) approx.
G-Clamps  [201.430 CH]
Malleable iron frame with square cut thread clamping bolt. Swival head on bold adapts itself to any angle of grip.






Maximum opening, mm





Glass Writing Diamond  [201.431 CH]

Securely mounted on brass stem in plastic handle.

Overall Length 150mm approx.
Glazier's Diamond  [201.432 CH]

For cutting glass up to 3mm thickness mounted in brass with wooden handle.

Overall length 160mm approx.
Hacksaw  [201.433 CH]

All metal with adjustable frame to accept 250mm or 300 mm blades. Wing nut tensioning ayatem. Supplied with 300mm flexible high speed steel blade, 24 T.P.I.

Length overall 450mm (with 250 mm blade).
Blades  [201.434 CH]
High speed flexible steel 24 T.P.I.
Hacksaw, 'Junior'  [201.435 CH]

A very useful all purpose saw. Supplied complete with one blade.

Dimensions :  
Length of cut : 130mm approx.
Overall length : 255 mm approx.
Blades for VT-1751.1  [201.436 CH]
Spare for Junior Hacksaw.
Back Saw  [201.437 CH]
300 mm length, Plastic handle.
Hammer  [201.438 CH]
280 gms cross pein hammer with wooden handle, head of polished cast steel.
Knife  [201.439 CH]

High quality carbon steel blade riveted into beachwood handle ..

Length of blade :100mm
Length overall : 200mm.
Knife Multipurpose (Swiss Army)  [201.440 CH]
Huntsman. Large blade, small corkscrew, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with screwdriver and wire stipper reamer, key ring, tweezers, toothpick, Scissor, multi-purpose wood saw. Coating 12 tools.
Knife Trimming  [201.441 CH]

Plastic coated, diecast bodies knief for disposable blades. Spare blades are accomodated within the knife handle. Supplied complete with blade guard and five blades.

Overall length 130mm
Cutter with Disposable Blades  [201.442 CH]

This cutter carries a contineous balde whch is advanced by a slide mechanicm. When the cutting edge becomes dull the slide is advanced, exposing a fresh cutting edges. The worm section is snapped off with the clip carries on the cutter handle leaving the new edge ready.

Length : 140mm approx.
Spare Blades for VT-1761-1  [201.443 CH]
Pack of ten blades, each with twelve snap off edges in a dispenser pack, which incorporates a blade snapper and used blade comprtment.
Nippers Side Cutting  [201.444 CH]

With insulated handles..

Overall length 150mm approx
Nippers, Side Cutting, Miniture  [201.445 CH]

Ideal for delicate electrical work where standard sized tools would br inconvenient. With insulated handles and retuen spring.

Overall length 100mm approx.
Oilstone  [201.446 CH]

Fine aluminium, combination oxide oilstone for sharpening chisels, knives, scalpels, etc. Factory oil filled eliminating the need for oil saturation before first use.

Dimensions : 150x50x25mm

Pliers, Combination  [201.447 CH]

With serrated gripping surfaces, straight and side wire cutters and P.V.C. coated handles.

Length 160mm approx
Pliers, Long Nosed  [201.448 CH]

For holding small components, e.g. during solering operations. Long nosed pliers with wire cutting blades and P.V.C. coated handles.

Length 155mm approx.
Pliers Long Nosed, Miniture  [201.449 CH]

Ideal for duplicate electronic work where standard sized tools would be inconvenient. With insulated handles and return spring.

Overall length 155mm approx.
Scissors, Heavy Duty  [201.450 CH]

Multi-purpose universal scissors suitable for cutting everything from paper, card and textiles to leather and rubber. The handles are durable autoclavabel plastic and the blades are high quality stainless steel.

Length of blade : 50mm approx.
Overall Length: 185mm approx.
Screw Driver, Electicians  [201.451 CH]

With moulded plastic insulating handle and steel shaft.





Overall Length (mm)




Blade width (mm)




Screw Driver, Watch Makers  [201.452 CH]

For instruments, Cemra and other optical equipments. Set of five screwdrivers in a plastic wallet.

Note : Spare also available on request.
Screw Driver, Neon Test  [201.453 CH]

With a moulded plastic handle containing a neon indicator and with an insulated shaft, the screw driver intended to screw as a mains tester over the voltage range form 100V to 500V.

Overall length 140 mm approx.
Screw Driver, Posidrive  [201.454 CH]

Shatter proof plastic handle with reversible. double ended blade in chrome vanadium steel. Point sizes 1 and 2.

Overall length : 165mm approx.
Screw driver, Phillips  [201.455 CH]

Plastic handle, for phillips cross head patters screws.

Overall length : 160mm approx.
Point size : 2.
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