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Barometer Tube  [201.413 CH]
Thick wall glass tube, closed one end 900mm long.





Dia. (mm)




Bore (mm)




Hair Hygrometer  [201.414 CH]
For direct indication of percentage relative humidity. Mounted in a case with 125mm engraved and silvered dial. Scale 0 to 100% x 1% relative humidity. Works by the construction or expansion of a strand of 50 specially treated human hairs which alters in high according to the percentage of moisture in the atmosphere.
Whirling Hygrometer  [201.415 CH]
A ventilated type of hygrometer which gives greater accuracy of humidity determination. A water reservoir is fitted in the base and wet bulb wick dips into this to keep lens fronts for easy reading. They are mounted in a wooden frame fitted with a handle to enable the frame to be rotated. Scales are graduated -5 to +50C x 0.5C. Length od scales 100mm. Supplied complete with humidity chart in velvet lined case.
Rain Gauge  [201.416 CH]
Made of brass more durable, being constructed from brass. It has a 130mm funnel, an inner receiving vessel and on outer body all of brass, and a glass/polythene measuring cylinder graduated 0 to 10mm x 0.1mm
Meteorological Instruments Set  [201.417 CH]
Comprises metal rain gauge funnel 75mm dia, glass collecting bottle capacity 45mm of rainfall, rain gauge measurinf cylinder graduated 0 to 12x1 mm of rainfall, maximum and minimum thermometer ranges-35 to 50x1C amd -30 to 12x2F with magnet for resetting and wet & dry bulb thermometer ranges 0 to 50x1C and 30 to 120x1 F. Housed in ventilated metal case 250x140x250mm high.
Stevenson Screen  [201.418 CH]

Double loured white painted hardwood to accommodate hygrometer and maximum and minimum thermometer. Screen stand on short legs permitting ventilation from beneth with louverd door supported by two chains.

External dimensions : 660x585x420(HxWxD)
Internal dimensions : 445x409x235(HxWxD)
Anemometer Cup Counter  [201.419 CH]
The instrument has a cup wheel consisting of three concial cups in horizontal plane. The cup wheel spindle is of stainless steel and connected by woem gearing to a revolution counter ranging 0 to 9999.9 mounted in a water proof housing. By observing the counter reading at the begning and end of any period of interval the average wind speed during the interval can be calculated. The counter observing window to permit easy reading.
Sunshine Recorder  [201.420 CH]
For use in northern and southern Hemisphere. Glass sphere clamped concentrically in section of accurately turned spherical metal bowl with three overlapping pairs of grooves each to accomodate shaped cards. Fitted on heavy marble base.
Wind Vane  [201.421 CH]

The balanced vane rotates round a steel point projecting into a phosphor bronze bearing. The direction arms are detachable and the base terminates in a 1 inch B.S.P. male thread complete with lock nut.

Overall dimensions : 380x380x380mm.
Seismo Graph  [201.422 CH]
Unit demonstration the basic components and principles of an actual seismograph. The recording pen is fastened to weight and suspended from a movable support by flexible arms. Recording are made on apapre strip that is pulled through a frame which is fastened to table. Complete with lesson plan.
Solar System Model  [201.423 CH]
An instructive model of Solar system can be nicely explained. The apparatus illustrates approxiimately the conparative size and colour of the planets. In the centre an electric globe represents the Sun. Mercury, Venus, Earth, with Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Ureanus, Neptune, and Plataue revolves round the Sun in the same plane but at different orbits. Their situation in 12 zodical sign can be shown on the printed base. Complete with instruction.
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