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Centrifuge Hand  [201.102 CH]

Hand operated with metal head, Powdered Paint, Die cast alluminium body, removable crank handle and fixing clamp of maximum capacity 50mm approximately. The apparatus may be set up and re-stored with ease and rapidly by virtue of the simple pin connection for the head and crank. Assembled dimensions 240x190x85mm.

Complete with buckets (and cups) for 15 cm3 tubes. Packed in Thermofoam Box.
A) For 2 Tubes
B) For 4 Tubes
Centrifuge Electric  [201.103 CH]
Electrically operated controlled with ten speed rotatory switch. Minimum vibrations. Maximum speed 3600 r.p.m. The body is a spun bowl and lid on a cast iron base with stove enamel finish. the motor and controls are totally enclosed for safety with three-core and plug. Four showing out bucket heads accomodate 15 ml centrifuge tube which are recommended for the sediment to be deposited horizontally volumetric determintion and separation of fluid. Complete with four buckets of 15ml. Capacity and four glass centrifuge tubes. Workable on 220V A.C. Supply.
Charcoal Block  [201.104 CH]

For blow pipe work, compressed rectangular blocks.

Size : 50x30x30mm.
Charcoal Borer  [201.105 CH]
Made of steel and mounted in wooden handle.
Chromatography Column  [201.106 CH]

Borosilicate glass, for gravity evolution. Fitted with a sintered glass support disc of porosity 1 at the lower end, and has a socket with spring hooks for dropping funnels to be attacked at the upper end.

Diameter : 20mm
Length : 400mm.
Clips Mohr  [201.107 CH]

Nickel plated iron, thick quality, round edges.

a) Length 50mm
b) Length 70mm
Clips Hofmann  [201.108 CH]
Brass Nickel plated, with screw and hinged bottom bar for direct fitting and removal without access to ends of tube.Width between bars.









Clips Hose, Worm Drive  [201.109 CH]
Shrome plated mild steel, worm drive with screw driver slot, to clamp housed on to connection tubules.






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