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Autoclave, Electric  [201.8 CH]

Made of entire aluminium of die press drum of heavy gauge to withstand of hydraulic pressure 40-50 per square inch. The drum having six fly nuts knobs along with nuprine rubber gasket to avoid leakage of pressure. The lid is fitted with pressure gauge, safety valve and steam releasing cock. A extra safety valve is also provided. The autoclave is fited with immersion heating element for electrical operation. The autoclave supplied with tripod stand, handle plug and cord and also inner basket.
Capacity : 13 Liters approx.
Release Pressure : 70 knm2 (10 psig), 100knm2 (15 psig)
Internal temperature : 116C (in total absence of air), 121C (in total absence of air).
Internal dimensions (Boiler) : 280 mm dia x 255 mm deep.

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