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Calliper Inside And Outside  [201.239 CH]

Made of superior steel, chrome plated double from for internal and external measurments.

Maximum diameter: 60mm
Overall length: 105mm.
Calliper Vernier  [201.240 CH]
Made of steel, chrome plated, double scal 0 to 125 mmx0.1mm and 5x1/16 Inch, bevelled cross hors for internal measurements, sliding jaw.
Clliper Vernier With Wheel  [201.241 CH]
Made of steel, chrome plated sclae 0 to 125mmx0.1mm and 5x-0.25 inch, bevelled cross hors for internal measurements, sliding jaw, fine adjustment thumbwheel and depth guage.
Calliper Vernier With Photo Etching  [201.242 CH]
Made of steel, chrome plated, double scale 0 to 150 mmx0.1mm and 6 x -1/16 inch. belleved cross horns for internal measurements, sliding jaw, fine adjustment thumbwheel and depth gauge. Packed in plastic pouch.
Calliper Vernier  [201.243 CH]
Made of Steel, Chrome plated, heavy type, double scale, metric scale graduated to 150mm, vernier reading to 0.1mm. Inches scales graduated to 6 inch. bevelled cross horns for internal measurments, sliding jaw with thumb movement for finr adjustment IME type, packed in velevt lined box.
Calliper Demonstration Model  [201.244 CH]
Made of seasoned wood and aluminium, nicely finished. 500mm long.
Micrometer Screw Gauge  [201.245 CH]
With ratchet stop, stainless steel rod and brass body, with scale of 0 to 25mm, pitch 1mm. Packed in velvet lined box.
Micrometer Demonstration Model  [201.246 CH]
Made of aluminium black spray painted, 200mm long.
Vernier Demonstration Model  [201.247 CH]

Two interchargeable vernier are supplied, one reading to 0.1 and other to 0.2 division (Five divisions on vernier equal to nine divisions on scale) with bold white lines on a black backgrounnd.

Overall length : 850mm approx.
Steel Rule  [201.248 CH]
Made of bright steel, divideed on both sides one side centimetre in milimeters and 0.5 mm and other side in inches in 8ths 16th, 32nds, 64ths.







15cms long

30cms long

60cms long

100cms long

Tape Measure  [201.249 CH]

Unbreakable plastic case with press button. 12mm steel blade. Power return action. b) 2 meter long

a) 2 meter long
b) 2 meter long
Tape Measure  [201.250 CH]
For general purpose tape woven to width with interwoven longitudinally for additional strength, coated with special paints for protection against moisture, wear and tear. Case of tape made of zinc coated steel sheet with flush winding handle. Printed one side in metric and one side in feet-inches.
Stop Clock  [201.250 CH]
Two sweep hands, one indicating seconds, the other recording minutes. Start lever hand side, zero resert lever on right hand side. Movement housed in metel case with stain finish paint. Dail approx. 100mm. Divided 0-60x1 seconds. Runs for 24 hours on one winding.
Stop watch  [201.251 CH]

With start, Stop & Reset by Consicutive Pressure on it winder.

a) With 1/5 of Seconds
b) With 1/10 of Seconds.
Stop Watch, Electronic  [201.252 CH]
Digital, 1/100 sec, works on pencil cell. With 7 mm digit size.
Vernier Microscope  [201.253 CH]
The vernier microscope is a instrument fro use in schools and colleges. The cariage slides on a cast iron base guided by a machine vee and flat. The carriage may be adjustment by manual pressure, and then, with a licking screw at the end of the slide. The carriage carries the vernier, and a swing-over magnifier, permitting measurements to be made to an accuracy of 0.01 mm. The carriage has two locations for the microscope, one on the carriage top face and the other on the side enabling the microscope to be mounted with its axis in any one of three positions with respect to travel. An index mark on the incroscope mount is matched to a mark on the carriage to ensure correct alingment.
The base caries a metal stage plate which can be removed if disered. The microscope is focused by a rach and pinion and is fitted with a glass crossline graticule and a draw tube.
Specifications :
Scale : 165 mm with vernier reading 0.1
Eyepiece x 10 Ramsden
Objective x 3, focal length 50mm
Total magnifiction x 30
supplied in a Polished wood case.
Vernier Microscope  [201.254 CH]
The microscope carriage, which is supported on a nickle silver column with engraved graduations, can be positioned on either side of the column. The vertical column is mounted on the traversing carriage that move along the horizontal scale and has a swing out magnifier for reading the vernier. The castion base has a removable glass stage plate, and is fitted with three levelling screws. A circular spirit level is provided on the travelling carriage. Both carriage can be moved along their scale for aproximate setting of positions, fine adjustment of the carriage being made with the fine-thread screw at the end of each slide. The microscope tube is focused by rack and pinion, can be set vertically or horizontally and is fitted with a glass crossline graticule and an eyepiece. Specification : Scale : Vertical 0-120mm with vernier reading 0.01mm. Horizontally 0-165mm with vernier reading 0.01mm Eyepiece x 7 Ramsden Objective x 3, Focallength 50mm Total magnification x 21 Supplied in a polished wood case.
Tubes Of Melting Point Apparatus  [201.255 CH]
Capillary tubes, open at both ends, 100x2 mm (Length x dia)
Oil Film Kit  [201.256 CH]
For investigating of surface tension effects. For economy convenience the complete system is offered as two separate units. The experimental kit provides essentially for the needs of two students working together. The kit contains 2 metal tray size 450x300x20mm with drain hole and rubber bung, 4 surface wiping metal booms, 8 levelling wedges, 16 mounted wire loops, 8 plastic graticules with special holders for prepration and measument of oil drops, olive oil, 8 beaker 10ml, lycopodium powder 50gm., 5dispensers, 1 paint brush soft bristle,50mm, 1 paint can 2 sponges, camphor, paraffin wax and vegetable black.
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