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Shape Of Seven Crystals  [201.225]

These modles clearly explain how basic 7 types of crystals look like and why they differ with each other. You can measure the angle & axes like a=b=c etc. You can explain the centre of symmetry also in each crystal.

a) Cubic
b) Rhombohedral
c) Orthorombic
d) Triclinic
e) Tetragonal
f) Hexagonal
g) Monoclinic

Sizes of thses modles vary between 8cms & 15cms.

Shapes Of Polyhedra  [201.226 CH]

These multi-utility modles are indeed an assest in explaing the basic shape. Modles of perfect shape made of transparent acrylic plastic to give a clear 3 dimensional idea to students. You can also show the axis.

Pyramids :  
  a) Cube
  b) Tetrahedron
  c) Octahedron
  d) Square Pyramid
  e) Pentagonal Pyramid
Bipyramids :  
  f) Triangle Bipyramid
  g) Pentagonal Bipyramid
  h) Hexagonal Bipyramid
Size from .01 to .05 between 10.5 cm & 18cm.
Size from .06, .07, .08 between 20cm & 25cm.
Transparent Models  [201.227 CH]
Teachers eaplaning the structure of crystals with these new type of modles made of tranparent acrylicplastic. They offer an easy and direct way to familarize th student with Crystal Lttics by focussing on the 3 dimensional arrangement of ions in crystals. The Atoms in various shape are moulded with Stryene and pasted inside the modles with solvents. Size of the atoms based on Ionic Radil. Colours of atoms as per scientific tradition number easly. Unit Cell Structure a) Sodium Chloride b) Calcium Chloride c) Potassium Chloride d) Diamond e) Graphite f) Silicon g) Germanium h) Aluminium i) Neon j) Black Phosphorous Closing Packing k) B.C.C (Iron) l) F.C.C (Copper) m) H.C.P (Zinc) Sizes of these modles very between 9cm & 18cm, depending upon the structure. Modles of flourite, rutile, Zinc Blende, Wurtzite, Calcium Carbide, Boron, Nitride are also available.
Atomic & Hybrid Orbital Models Set  [201.228 CH]

The Marvellous set of Orbital Models offer an easy 3 dimensional approach to the Quantum Machine & its application to chemical bonds. these are bright, large, colourful and strdy.

The unique advantages of our model are :
(a) the perfect shape of each of each orbital can be shon
(b) The positive & negetive region of the orbital are indicated with the shade of colour
(c) the cross section of orbitals to pinpoint the inner orbital region, nodal planes & probable electronn regions
(d) The convenience of splitting the model into the halves to show nucleous.


Atomic Orbitals

Hybrid Orbitals


1S orbital & its cross section

Hybrid SP


2S orbitals & its cross section

Hybrid SP2


3S orbitals & its cross section

Hybrid SP3


P orbital & its cross section


dx2-y2 its cross section


dz2 its coss section

Combination of 2S & 3P & its cross section
1 set is supplied in a plastic case with a Teachers' Guide. The contents are as listed above.

Simple Inorganic Molecule Kit  [201.229 CH]
The basic Concepts about the Principles of molecular shape made easy...This kit offers a lot of 3 dimensional Models with a visual appreciation of Molecular Bonding. You can demonstrate how the shapes of Molecules are determined by the number of bonds plus the lone pairs in the velence shell of the centre atom. Showing lone pairs a unique speciality with these models. To show the molecule based on tetrahedron you can make methane, for triagnal bypyramid, you can make phosphorus phosphours pentachloride; and for octahedron you can build sulpher hexa flouride and soon.
Some Of The Structures : CO
2, CH4, PCL5, SF6, NH3, H2O, BCL3,Sulphur rings S8 Oxides of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, P4molecule, H2SO4, Simple Complexes & many more.
Contents : Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Chloride, Hydrogen, Covelent & Multiple (total commponents about 140nos. within a smart plastic case. A teachers guide/instruction manual with full details on how to make all these mode and more.)
Hybrid & Molecular Orbital Models Set  [201.230 CH]
Teaching the complicated shapes of Molecular Orbitals become so simple to explains with this set. These colourful & 3 dimensions Modles show the correct shapes of orbitals, the nodal planes relating to the bond axis and nuclear axes. You can also aplit the model to show nucleus. Darker & lighter shades in dicated Positive & negitive regions.
Complite is supplied in a plastic case with a Teacher's Guide. The contents are as listed below:

Hybride Orbitals

Molecular Orbitals

Hybride dsp2 orbital

Bonding s S

Hybride dsp3 orbitals

Anti-Bonding s S

Hybride d2sp3 orbitals

Bonding s P


Anti-Bonnding s P


Bonding s SP


Anti Bonding s SP


Bonding p Py


Anti Bonding p Py


Bonding p Py  p Pz


Anti-Bonding p Py  p Pz


Three centre bonds (bonding,
Anti-Bonding & Non-Bonding)

Organic Molecular Building Kit  [201.231 CH]

Innovatively designed for your convenience... This kit offers you the models for almost all the important structure covering each and very topic. The main speciality is the design of our atom with moulded prongeto provide maneouverability for rotation. You can show the electron clouds. Separate tubes provided for covalent & multiple bonds. Hence, these models are way ahead of the ball & Stick type. With this kit, you can build plenty of modles. Saturated hydrocarbons, unsaturated hydrocorbons, (Total Components about 200 nos. within a smart plastic case. A teachers guide/instruction manual with full details on how to make is also provided.)

Functional groups : Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Alcholos, Aldehides & Ketones, Benzene & its Derivatives, etc. & many many more.
Contents : Corbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Chlorine, Sulphur, Phosphorous, Hydrogenatoms, Covelent bond Hydrogen bonds & Multiple Bonds
Molecular Model Set  [201.232 CH]
Made of plastic. for modellling three dimensional simple or complex molecular structures of organic and inorganic compounds with universal code for atoms. The set sontains 15pcs. black balls with 4 holes representing Nitrogrn. 6 pcs. Medium size Red balls with 2 holes representing Oxygen, 4 pcs, Medium size yelloe balls with 2 holes representing Sulphur, 10 pcs small size white balls with 1 fixed likage representing Hyrogen, 5 pcs smell size white balls with 1 hole representing Hydrogen, 10pcs small size green balls with 1 hole representing Halogen, 5 pcs small size brown balls with 1 hole representing Halogen metals. Set of 60 balls with polythene Likages of different sizes. All items packed in velvet lined box with instructions.
Molecular Model Set  [201.233 CH]
Same as catalogue No 201.232 but set of 90 balls.
Molecular Model Set  [201.234 CH]
A set 370 moulded plastic balls. Set containing 30balls of 25 mm size Black colour representing Carbon Ethylennic and Acetylenic 25balls of 25 mm size mm size Green colour representing Halogens, 20 balls of 25mm size yellow representing Sulphur, Selenium, etc. 20Balls of 25 mm size Organic colour repreenting Sodium, Potassium etc., 30 balls of size 19mm red colour representing Oxygen, 30 balls of size 19mm Blue colour representing Nitrogen, 30balls of 19 mm size Yellow colour representing Aluminium, Chrominium etc., 30 balls of size 10mm Orange colour representing Calcium, Magnesium etc. 125 balls of size 12mm white colour representing Hydrogen 150 white Lugs representing Valency Bond also included in set and all items are packed in compartment box.
Periodic Chart Of Atoms  [201.235 CH]
A detailed chart, screen printed on Rexin in 4 colours showing solids. Liquids and Gases in separate distinctive colours together with their Atomic numbers. Atomic weight., Electronic structure, Electronegativity. First ionozation Energy, crystal structure. A complete information about 106 elements is given. The index gives at the side shows the details of information provided for each element. This large size chart is specially mounted on superfine white raxine alongwith rollers atc. Size of chart 100x130cms.
Model Of Graphite  [201.236 CH]
Set consists of 69 connectors, 8 black connectors, 45 black jacks and 12 red in a box with instruction manual for construction.
Model Of Sodium Chloride  [201.237 CH]
Set consists of 54 connectors 13 black and 14 red jacks in a box with instruction manual for construction.
Model Set Of Diamond  [201.238 CH]
Diamond Crystal consists of 84 Connectors and 57 jacks in a plastic box with instructions manual for construction.
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