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Incubators  [201.200 CH]

Double walled, outer body made of mild steel sheet and inner chamber made of aluminium/Stainless steel sheet with 2/3 adjustable shelves. The gap 50/75 mm is fitted with good quality of glass wool. Air ventilator is fitted on the top of the incubator. It has double walled door fitted with automatic TO and FRO latch. The body is painted in grey hammer-tone or white paint. The tempersture is controlled by means of continuousvariable thermostate from 5 C about ambient to 70C, accuracy 0.1C. HEating is done by heating elements wound around the sides, bottom and top of the incubator complete with two polit lamps, cord and plug pin. Works on 220/230 volts 50 Hz A.C. mains with Built in thermometer.

Aluminium/Stainless Steel :
Inside chamber size :
a) 300x300x300mm
b) 350x350x350mm
Water Tap  [201.202 CH]
Same as cat No....but two way.
Water Tap  [201.203 CH]
Same as catalogue.... but three way.
Gas Tap  [201.204 CH]
Gun metal oxidised or chrome plated finish piller mounted flanged base screwed female and flanged drilled for fixing screws, leak proof. One way.
Gas Tap  [201.205 CH]
Same as catalogue No. ...... but two way.
Gas Tap  [201.206 CH]
Same as Catalogue No.......but not three way
Gas Tap  [201.207 CH]
Same as Catalogue No.....but not four way.
Manometer  [201.208 CH]

For measurement of positive and negative presures. Comprises U tube with a control stopcock mounted on a graduated white plastic sheet. Graduated 80x2mm on either side of zero on both limbs (Total range 160mm)

Dimensions of panel/Sheet : 350x80x5 (HxWXT)
Manometer Vacuum Gauge  [201.209 CH]
Closed tube fitted, with stopcock and sliding mirror scale graduated 200-0-200x2mm on wooden stand. Without mercury.
Mat Asbestos  [201.210 CH]
Heat resisting square for protection on bench tops etc. 




Size (mm)

75x75x3mm (LxWxT)

50x150x6mm (LxWxT)

Muffle Furnance  [201.211 CH]
Outer casing of thick mild sheet rainforced with iron angles and outer surface has stove enamel paint. The door has counter blance for easy operation, open upward. Heating chamber is completely surrounded by heating element made from kanthal wire, assuring uniform distribution of heat and protects heating elements against damage and chemical deterioration. A Pyometer for temperature indication having 88mm scale calibrated in 20 C per division with a range of 1200C. It is mounted in a bracket attached to the back of the furnance by two screws. The furnance can be operated continuously up to 900 C nad maximum 1000C. Temperature controlled by sunvic simmerstat energy regulator which is fitted in front. Complete with two indicator neon lights, two meter 3 core cable for use on 220volts 50Hz A.C. supply. 


Size (HeightxWidthxDepth)










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