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Objectives  [301.49 BI]
Type Magnification N.A.
A X 4 or X 5 0.10
B X 10 0.25
C X20 0.40`
D X40 or X45 0.65 Spring loaded
E X100 1.3 Spring loaded
Eye Pieces  [301.50 BI]
Type Magnification
A X 5H
B X 10 H
C X 10 WF
D X 15 H
Pointer Eye Pieces  [301.51 BI]
With movable pointer for indicating details of a specimen.


X5 H


X10 H


X15 H

Reflector  [301.52 BI]
50 mm dia plano and plano-concave optically true mirrors.
Condenser  [301.53 BI]
An Abbe condenser set combined with an adjustable Iris Diaphragm. It is recommended for use with high magnification objectives, i.e. upto X100. This unit has a Numerical aperture of 1.2
Mechanical Stage  [301.54 BI]
Attachable to any standard microscope stage by means of 2 clamp jaws set at 90 to each other. Graduated movements are adjusted by rack and pinion mechanism and have vernier scales. Movement ranges graduated 40 to 115 mm x 1.0 mm mm., Vernier reads to 0.1 mm.
Microscope Lamp  [301.55 BI]
In spun Aluminium housing fitted with multi adjustable dase, complete with flex and plug. Supplied with 25 watts lamp and ground glass disc for light diffusion.
Microscope Lamp on Stand  [301.56]
Invaluable for microphotography of dark field work. With removable condenser and iris diaphragm and filters blue and white light controlled by continuously variable transformer. On stand for 220-240 V A.C. supplies.
Double Demonstration Eye Piece  [301.57]
This instrument is comprising of a Beam Splitting Prism to optical Glass, which ensured perfect vision to the teacher and the student. A pointer covers the entire field, being visible to both the viewers, enables easier demonstration. It is rotatable through 360 and is held in the desired viewing position by a knurled headed pinch screw. Supplied in velvet lined case.
Camera Lucida (Mirror Type)  [301.58 BI]
The instrument is a revised simplified version of tracing the image of the microscope object on plain paper. It is consisting of a Beam Splitting prism optical glass positioned over the eye piece of the microscope, with a large size mirror swinging near the extension arm, which causes the image of the object to appear as if superimposed upon the plain surface, so that drawings can be traced there upon. Can be adjusted on any microscope and supplied in velvet lined case.
Camera Lucida (Prism Type)  [301.59 BI]
This instrument is a simplified version of tracing the image of microscopic object on the plane paper. Both the object and the paper is simultaneously visible to the observer for drawing of the focused specimen under the microscope. It fits on the eye piece tube of all standard microscope. Supplied in velvet lined case.
Coplin Jar  [301.60 BI]
High density polythene body; capacity upto 10 standard 25 to 75 mm slides, back to back, Grooved to hold slides in erect position with domed and shallow thread screw cap.
Slide Mailer  [301.61 BI]

The slide mailer is a single piece moulded in polythene. The hinged top gives a positive lock to the mailer, thus eliminating any damage to the slide.

a) Slide Mailer for 2 slides

b) Slide Mailer for 5 slides

Cavity Blocks  [301.62 BI]

Block form with cavity, complete with cover glass.

a) 60 x 60 mm
b) 40 x 40 mm
Slide Dispenser  [301.63 BI]

Holds upto 70 slides, 76 x 26 mm length x width stacked inside the clear acrylic cover. Slides are dispensed by turning the knob at either side.

Dimensions Slide holder : 75 x 35 x 70 mm (Width x depth x height)
Overall Length from the base : 140 mm
Base : 100 x 120 mm (width x depth)
Labels, Microscope Slide  [301.64 BI]
Self adhesive and ruled, square, side 25 mm. Pack of 100 labels.
Bottle, Canada Balsam  [301.65 BI]

With drop on cap and glass.

30 cm3
Ringing Table  [301.66 BI]
For neat sealing of edges around coverslips on permanent microslide mounts. Aluminium body bevelled to give hand rests. concentric guide circles are engraved on the turn table which is fitted with slide clips. Turn table 100 mm diameter.
Slide Drying Plate  [301.67 BI]

To reduce setting time of permanent and semi permanent microslide preparations and for warming photographic developing dishes. An electrically warmed flat plate with thermostatically controlled surface temperature. Enamelled steel to resist stains and corrosive reagents. Supplied complete with 1.5 m, 3 core mains cable for use on 220-250 V A.C. supplies.

Specifications :
Dimensions : 400 x 265 x 65 mm (length x width x height)
Temperature range : 25to 50°C
Rating : 225 watt
Slide Boxes  [301.68 BI]

Teak wood with hinged lid. Slides are held in numbered slots and there is an index inside the lid.

a) 100 slides
b) 50 slides
c) 25 slides
Slide Box (High Impact Polythene)  [301.69 BI]
Insect proof, sturdy, slide box provides the ultimate protection to the Microscope slides. This is moulded in high-impact polythene. The base has numbered grooves for placing 25 x 75 mm slides and the top portion has an index card for quick identification.








100 Slides

Slide Rack  [301.70 BI]
Compact sturdy bottom chamber holds 100 Microscope slides vertically in pre-numbered grooves. Moulded in white ABS and the crystal clear top portion for clear viewing of slides is moulded in polycarbonate.
Microscope Slide Folder  [301.71 BI]
Top hold 20 slides. Wooden with file type hinged and frame with 20 compartments of die cut hardboard serially numbered with velvet cushined bottom. Nicely polished.
Microscope Slide Tray Aluminium  [301.72 BI]
Aluminium, to hold 20 slides flat. Die pressed anodized aluminium sheet, can be used in oven for drying the slides.
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