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Hand Microtome Round  [301.73]
Sample to be sectioned is supported in styropith or other material and placed in a central well. Turning a milled knob at the base of the microtome raises the sample, and sections can be cut from the top using a razor. Screw has l9mm overall movement with click stops at 20mm intervals. Top diameter 63mm, well diameter 22mm.
Razor  [301.74]
His quality steel, flat one side the other being hollow ground.
Hand Microtome Model  [301.75]
With table clamp designed for cutting paraffin embedded specimens in varying thickness upto 50 microns, in increments of 5 microns. The microtome is cast Aluminium housing with weather proofed apoxy paint finish of approx. 150 x 75 x 60 size and set in stainless steel top plate. Complete with polished wooden case & table clamp. Fine brush 4 microscopic slides, 1 packet razor blades, working instructions, nett weight of the microtome with accessories 850 gms.
Rocking Microtome Model  [301.76]
Ideal for student use and routine work. For cutting paraffin embedded specimens of comparatively soft tissues. It will cut long ribbons of sections from specimens not exceeding 20 mm diameter and, using wood blocks, sections of specimens upto 18 x 25 mm may be cut. The thickness of the sections may be varied between 2 and 24 micron. With simple object holder, knife and honing stone.
Rotary Microtime Model  [301.77]

It is of immense use for Medical Institutions, Research Laboratories etc. and gives very good results for cutting thin sections. It is mounted on a heavy cast iron base to ensure rigidity and long life. The housing gives maximum protection to the mechanism against dust and paraffin waste etc. It is driven by handle which can be locked in position. The cutting section obtained by mechanically operated crank can be adjusted in steps of 1m to 25m by means of a knurled knob on the front of the instrument. The efficient ball and socket clamp renders if possible to interchange specimen clamp and parffin stage with a single motion. The knife work is equipped with a rotating knife, honing plate, three object holders and oil can.

Specifications :
Feed adjustment : 1-25 micron (in step of 1 micron)
Opening of object stage : 30 x 15 mm
Overall height : 260 mm
Size of wooden case : 500 x 400 x 350 mm
Weight : 30 Kg. Approx.
Rotary Microtome  [301.78]

A heavy base with hinged cover for protecting the interior mechanism, and knife holder. With every complete revolution of the drive wheel, the feed panel engaged the teeth of rachet wheel which advances the object holder through cone and inclined plane mechanism, tissue sections can be cut down to every 1 micron. A safety device automatically disengages the feed mechanism. Feed indicator is in front and feed setting is at back of Microtome which sets 1 to 50 micron. A razor 120 mm made from heat treated steel and tested for Micro structure is supplied with instrument. There is an arrangement to tilt angle of the razor adjustable upto 30 on a reference scale.

Technical Features :
Feed adjustment : 1-50 micron (in step of 1 micron)
Total feed excursion : 28 mm opening of object clamp
Ball and flange type : 37 x 25 mm
Overall dimensions : 400 x 250 x 175 mm with wooden case
Weight : 25 kg. approx.
Microscopic Glass Slides  [301.79]

Manufactured from the superior quality of glass sheet optically flat highly resistance to corrosion having ground and polished edges. Dimensions variation of the slides 0.2 mm in thickness, 1 mm in length and width according to ISI 3099.

Type Size
A Popular 75 x 25 (Thickness 2 mm)
B A-One 75 x 25 (Thickness 1.35 mm)
C Special 75 x 25 (Thickness 1.25 mm)
D Deluxe 75 x 25 (Thickness 1.15 mm)
E Super Deluxe 75 x 25 (Thickness 0.9-1 mm)
F Frosted 75 x 25 (Thickness 1.35 mm)
Cover Glasses (Round  [301.80]

Cover glasses No. 1 are the correct thickness for most microscope optics. Resistance glass, 0.13 to 0.16 mm thick. Pack of 10 gms.

Type A B C D
Dia (mm) 18 19 22 24
Cover Glasses (Rectangular)  [301.81]

Cover glasses No. 1 are the correct thickness for most microscope optics. Resistance glass, 0.13 to 0.16 mm thick. Pack of 10 gms.

Type A B C D E F
Size (mm) 22 x 30 22 x 40 22 x 50 24 x 40 24 x 50 24 x 60
Cover Glass (Square)  [ 301.82]

Cover glasses No. 1 are the correct thickness for most microscope optics. Resistance glass, 0.13 to 0.16 mm thick. Pack of 10 gms.

Type A B C D
Size (mm) 18 x 18 19 x 19 22 x 22 24 x 24
Staining Bottle Stand  [ 301.83]
Polished hardwood, for twelve 30 ml dropping bottles.
Staining Trough  [301.84]

Glass trough with moulded glass cover.

Side: 117 mm
Height.: 65 mm
Staining Jar  [301.85]
Glass jar, with moulded glass cover. Takes 10 slides 76 x 26 mm back to back.
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