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Flexible Arm Magnifier  [301.86]

General purpose magnifier consisting of a large bioconvex lens mounted on a flexible arm. The heavy base provides stability whilst the flexible arm and swivel lens mount allow the lens to be used in any position or plane.

Dimensions :
Lens focal length 250 mm
Lens diameter 100 mm
Magnification: x 2 approx
Arm length 300 mm
Base 150 x 110 mm length x width
Tripod Magnifier  [301.87]

With adjustable focussing, very useful for elementary, biological work because of its large view field, dia 40 mm.

Diameter: 40 mm
Type Magnifcation
A X 4
B X 5
C X 6
Tripod Magnifier  [301.88]

A twin lens magnifier comprising a large frame mounted lens supported on a tripod fitted with a small lens mounted on a swinging arm.

Three powers of Magnification are available:
Overall height 118 mm.
Mainframe diameter 95 mm
Lens diameter 24 and 70 mm
Sliding Magnifier  [301.89]

Consists of plano-convex lens set in an metal frame which travels on two parallel steel bars. Telescopic legs are fitted at each corner of the frame so that the magnifier can be firmly located over objects of verying sizes.

Dimensions :
Diameter 100 mm
Stand length 350 mm
Stand width 130 mm
Stand height 100-150 mm
Illuminated Magnifier  [301.90]

A large circular lens and fluorescent tube mounted on a spring loaded adjustable arm that can be set at any position or angle desired, giving optimum illumination and magnification of the working area. The lens mounting and shade are of robust moulded aluminium and the arms of heavy gauge steel with tempered steel springs. An on/off push switch is mounted on the shade and the ballast transformer is interposed in the mains lead. The magnifier is supplied without mounting base or clamp which are listed below and must be chosen and purchased separately according to the customer's intended methods of use. Mains lead 1.5 m from magnifier to ballast transformer. For use on 220 to 240 V mains, power consumption 22 W.

Dimensions :
Lens diameter 100 mm
Magnification X1.75 approx
Magnifiers, Pocket  [301.91]

Multiple lenses mounted in folding plastic case. Subject is viewed using one or more lens to produce required magnification.

Clear Diameter of lens: 22 mm
Type No. of Lenses Magnification
A 1 X 4
B 2 X 7
C 3 X 10
Pocket Magnifier  [301.92]

Consisting of a pair of plano convex lenses mounted in a bakelite body in such a way that the distoration at the edge of the field is reduced to minimum. Lens mount folds into case.

Clear diameter of the lenses: 19 mm approx.
Magnification: X10.
Hand Viewer  [301.93]

Twin lens system mounted in a metal holder,. Lens diameter 25 mm, metal handle length 50 mm.

Lens Magnification: x 10
Watchmaker's Eyeglass  [301.94]

Plastic lens, diameter 25 mm, mounted in plastic/aluminium eye grip frame.

Magnification: X3.5
Focal length: 75 mm.
Magnifiers  [301.95]

In beautiful unbreakable plastic frame with handle.

Type Lens Diameter
A 40 mm
B 50 mm
C 60 mm
D 75 mm
Magnifiers, Metal Handle  [301.96]

Brass frame and iron handle duly bright chrome plated, packed in card board boxes.

Type Lens Diameter(mm) Focal Length(mm) Magnification
A 40 100 X 3.5
B 50 150 X 2.5
C 63 200

X 2.25

D 63 150 X 2.5
E 75 200 X 2.25
F 75 150 X 2.5
G 87 200 X 2.25
H 100 200 X 2.25
I 100 150 X 2.5
J 113 300 X 1.83
K 125 300 X 1.83
L 150 300 X 1.83
Magnifiers, Bakelite Handle  [301.97]

Brass frame, bakelite handle with brass knob duly bright chrome plated packed in card board boxes.

Type Lens Diameter(mm) Focal Length(mm) Magnification
A 50 100 X 3.5
B 63 200 X 2.25
C 63 150 X 2.5
D 75 200 X 2.25
E 75 150 X 2.5
F 87 200 X 2.25
G 100 200 X 2.25
H 100 150 X 2.5
Claws Of Birds  [VT.302.CHR.009]
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